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10k Cazoo Customer Paul

Customer stories: meet Paul

We caught up with Paul and his wife Karen to hear about about the big surprise and his experience with Cazoo.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Our 10,000th customer Paul was over the moon when we delivered his shiny blue Toyota Yaris and revealed that it was a gift from Cazoo!

Paul ordered the car in November 2020 and arranged for it to be delivered as a Christmas present for his wife Karen, an NHS nurse. Here's what the delighted couple had to say about Cazoo.

Q: So what made you look for another car?

Paul: Karen had needed a new car for a while and I thought that it would be a great idea to buy one that I knew she liked and surprise her with it on Christmas Day.

Karen: We had been looking at cars together but I didn't know that he was planning on buying me one! Whenever we typed a make and model into Google, the most reliable and consistent result was always from Cazoo. You offered such a large range of cars and once on the website it is incredibly easy to use the filter options to specify what we were looking for, but also to explore the other options as well. Something about the website and how it was laid out made it seem really friendly and trustworthy.

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Q: What was the best part of the Cazoo experience for you?

Paul: The whole experience to be honest! From finding and choosing the car to purchasing it online to the delivery, it was all so easy. You simply purchase the car, choose a date and a time that suits you and then the car arrives with a wonderful Handover Specialist ready to give you a full introduction. Honestly, the whole process was faultless. I really cannot fault it.

Q: How did you feel about buying a car online?

Paul: Buying things online seems like second nature now, doesn't it? But with this car it was a lot of money so I did a lot of research beforehand and read a lot of reviews and found that almost no one had had a bad experience with you. The whole process seemed pretty fool-proof and paying that amount of money really didn't feel like a risk at all. I innately trusted the company because of all the wonderful feedback, and because as soon as I had made the purchase, I felt like your customer service was holding my hand and were willing to help me with anything.

The 7-Day Money Back Guarantee made me feel more comfortable because I knew that if anything did happen to go wrong or the car wasn't right, I could send it back for a complete refund.

Karen: That's amazing, I didn't know about that! Very clever.

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Q: Have you ever bought a used car before? If so, how was your experience with Cazoo different?

Paul: We've bought a number of used cars before and we've had a lot of bad experiences! From nasty salesmen putting too much pressure on us, to getting home and finding out that the car seemed as if it had been taken from the Flintstones' backyard, we've had them all! Cazoo was completely different, and in a league of its own. It's so wonderfully simple and easy and I’m so grateful to you for making what is normally quite a stressful experience into something exciting and that I could take at my own pace.

Q: How did you find the delivery experience?

Paul: The delivery experience was wonderful. The lady who handed it over was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She walked me through every aspect of the car and answered all my questions. Nothing was too much and despite the cameras it felt very friendly and personalised. She called before she arrived to let me know when exactly she would be arriving and to make sure that everything was alright, and then turned up in the Cazoo transporter and unloaded the car. The whole process was so smooth and easy. Honestly, I can't think of a single thing that you could have done to improve the process, it was faultless, from beginning to end.

Q: What surprised you the most about Cazoo?

Paul: We've never bought a car online, so the whole process was a bit of a surprise really. But it was effortless, it really was.

Karen: When I drove my car to work after Christmas and showed my colleagues the car they were all incredibly impressed. I think there will definitely be more people using Cazoo for their next car purchase after they saw how happy I am with my car!

Paul: I will definitely be using Cazoo again in the future. My car is fine for the moment but when it dies, I’ll be on Cazoo in a flash. And for my son as well -  he is just taking his driving test but is already spending all his time on the Cazoo website!

Q: Karen, how did you feel when you saw the car on Christmas Day?

Karen: I was so unbelievably shocked and overwhelmed. On Christmas morning Paul gave me an envelope with the keys and the Cazoo brochure inside and then we went out to look at the car It really was one of the most incredible moments.

Then we went inside and Paul showed me the video of him receiving the car. I just couldn't believe it. This sort of thing has never happened to us and it was such a joy to not only receive the car for Christmas but to have been gifted it. It really was a very special moment that I'll never forget. I couldn't really believe it, to be honest, it only really sank in when I saw the money appear back in my bank account!

Q: How would you describe your experience with Cazoo in three words?

Paul: Simply the best.

Karen: What he said!

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