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What is Ford Titanium trim and is it worth it?

Titanium is one of Ford’s most popular trim levels across its whole range of cars. But what exactly is a Titanium model and is it worth getting one? Our guide explains.

Graham King Cazoo

By Graham King

Published: 23 May 2023

If you’re looking to buy a Ford car then you’ve probably noticed that one of the available trim levels is Titanium. But what exactly is it?

To answer that we’ll look at how Titanium differs from other Ford trim levels, what it looks like inside and out, and what features you get. We’ll also detail which Ford cars are available in Titanium trim and try to help you decide if Titanium is the right choice for you.

What does Ford Titanium mean?

Besides being the name of a metal, the Titanium trim level was first seen in 2005 in the Ford Focus. It was reserved for top-of-the-range models with a sportier vibe than the more traditional – yet similarly well-equipped – Ghia trim. 

Within a few years, every Ford car was available in Titanium trim and it soon became the best-selling trim level across the entire Ford range.

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What’s the difference between Ford Titanium trim and other Ford trim levels?

Titanium eventually replaced the Ghia trim level and, over the years, its place in the trim level hierarchy has moved around. 

By March 2023, Titanium was the second-tier trim level for new Fiesta models but the lowest-tier trim for the Puma. Ford’s most exclusive trim level for some models, for example, is Vignale. 

There are different versions of Titanium trim, too, such as Titanium X. The ‘X’ package adds luxurious features that can include leather seats and a sunroof, depending on which Ford car you’re looking at.

Ford Titanium exterior styling

Have a look at a Titanium model and you’re likely to notice that it looks both a bit more upmarket and also slightly sportier than the more cost-effective trim levels for that car. Take the 2018 Ford Fiesta Titanium, for example, which has 16-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, a chrome-effect front grille and LED back lights. In contrast, the entry-level Fiesta Style has 15-inch steel wheels with plastic covers, a black plastic grille and clear glass.

While there are slight variations for each model, versions in Titanium trim have essentially the same styling package as the Fiesta Titanium – larger alloy wheels, chrome-effect grille and rear privacy glass.

Ford Puma Titanium

Ford Titanium interior styling

Upgrades to the interior of Titanium models are less obvious than those made to the exterior, but there are some noticeable changes if you know where to look.

Looking again at the  2018 Fiesta Titanium, its interior has LED ambient lighting in the front footwells and door pockets; lights in the ceiling above the front and back seats; and even cupholders that light up. It also has a leather-trimmed steering wheel and gearknob plus velour floor mats in the front and back. Opt for the Fiesta Titanium X and you also get part-leather seats and heated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

Ford Titanium equipment

As one of the superior trim levels, Titanium is very well-equipped. Our 2018 Fiesta Titanium, for example, has an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in sat nav and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can expect the kind of functionality and familiarity you get from your smartphone. There’s also climate control (a more sophisticated form of air con), cruise control and an armrest/storage unit between the front seats. Titanium X adds heated front seats and steering wheel, keyless entry and start, as well as a high-quality Bang & Olufsen stereo with surround sound.

Other Ford cars include the same package of features as standard with the Titanium trim level, with a few slight variations. For instance, the Mondeo Titanium has rear electric windows while the Fiesta Titanium doesn’t.

Does Ford Titanium trim cost more?

Prices for Titanium models fall somewhere in the middle of the price range for a Ford car. They cost a little more than the Zetec and Trend models that sit lower  in the range, but less than sporty-looking ST-Line and luxurious Vignale models.

Which Ford cars are available in Titanium trim?

All but two of the Ford cars sold in recent years are available with the Titanium trim level. Those exceptions are the Ford Mustang sports car and the Mustang Mach-E electric car.

Is Ford Titanium trim worth it?

Pick any Ford with the Titanium trim level and you get a car with a more upmarket look and some useful extra features that could help make your  journeys more comfortable. If you want a bit more than the basics, Titanium trim is certainly worth the fairly small premium you pay over cars with a lower-level trim and it could also get you a better trade-in price, and make the car easier to sell, if you decide you eventually want to replace it.

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