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Kids chauffeur service: how much do mums drive?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend driving your kids to and from school, sports clubs, friends and anywhere else they need to go? Sometimes, it can feel like you spend more time behind the wheel than anywhere else, and you could be right.  We wanted to take a look at what a mum-run chauffeur service looks like, so we asked 2,000 UK mums who drive to tell us what they think about spending time in the car with their kids and just how much driving they do.

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The kids chauffeur service by numbers

Our data has revealed that mums spend upwards of 176 minutes a week driving their kids around, equating to 153 hours a year. On average, a mum makes nine journeys per week totalling £19.18 in petrol costs, which creeps up to nearly £1,000 over the course of a year.

Paying mum back

While many mums accept the additional expense incurred whilst driving children around, one in twenty mums charge their children for all the journeys they make for them. The same number also agree to chauffeur their children in return for them doing some additional household chores.

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Mum, the taxi driver

When it comes to who does the most driving in the family, more than two-thirds of mums (68%) say they are the number one driver. Interestingly, this varies significantly across the UK, with Liverpool, Wolverhampton and Worcester having the highest share of mum chauffeurs.

Highest vs lowest proportion of mums doing the driving

At the other end of the scale, Southampton and Oxford have the lowest proportion of mum drivers, with dads or other family members sharing the load. York, Wrexham and Aberdeen are close to a 50/50 split between mums and other drivers.

Reasons that mums drive their children around

Looking at where mums drive their kids to and from, unsurprisingly school is the top response. Two-thirds also say they take them shopping, which is the second most likely reason they get behind the wheel for their children. Going to visit friends and relatives and taking them to or from after-school clubs also made the top 10 reasons.

Making the most of time behind the wheel

Whatever the reason is, on the whole mums really value their time spent in the car with their kids. Over a third say that driving with their children is a family bonding experience (35%), while 34% enjoy singing along to the radio with their children. Additionally, 21% say they have their most open and honest conversations in the car and 13% of mums admit driving their children around is their favourite part of the day.

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from market research conducted by Research Without Barriers. The total sample size was 2,002 UK mums who can drive. Research was undertaken between 21st February 2020 and 24th February 2020.