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Top 10 best used MPVs

If you want space for all the family then maybe you need a people carrier, also known as an MPV. Here’s our guide to the 10 best used MPVs.

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MPVs are great family cars, giving you a combination of passenger space, boot space and versatility that other types of cars can’t match. MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, after all. You can learn more about what MPV means here.

Whether you need five seats, seven seats or even nine, there’s an MPV to suit you and your family. Each one gives you lots of space for all your kit, as well as the ability to fold or remove seats to create more room for your shopping, suitcases or even the family pet. MPVs may not seem as fashionable as SUVs but they are the ultimate family cars, giving you loads of practicality for your money. Here are our 10 favourite used MPVs.

1. Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy is Ford’s biggest MPV. It has seven seats in three roomy rows. Each of the three seats in row two is wide enough for a child seat and two adults fit comfortably in row three. The Galaxy has back doors that open wide, giving easy access. With all seven seats in place, there’s as much boot space as you get in a Ford Fiesta, and you get more than four times this if you fold the third-row seats out of the way.

Like many Fords, the Galaxy is more enjoyable to drive than most other cars of its type. It’s relaxing on motorways, easy around town and quite fun on a country road. The seats are very comfortable, while the big windows let in lots of light and give everyone a great view out.

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2. Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max is a sleeker, sportier version of the Galaxy – lower and slightly shorter in length yet still very practical, with seven seats in three rows. It’s perfect for outings with friends or family, with three middle-row seats that are very comfortable for adults and a pair of third-row seats that you can fold up or down as needed. In five-seat mode, the boot is much bigger than you’ll find in an estate car of similar size.

While a smooth ride keeps your passengers happy, the S-Max is also very enjoyable to drive, with the kind of responsive feel that you’d normally associate with a hatchback rather than an MPV. Some models have four-wheel drive, which gives extra reassurance on slippery roads and helps when towing.

3. Volkswagen Sharan

If you want maximum space and a more upmarket feel, check out the Sharan. It’s Volkswagen’s biggest MPV and is available with six or seven seats across three rows. Big windows fill the interior with light and adults can sit comfortably in every seat. Getting in and out of the back seats is easy through the large sliding doors, and there’s enough space for a few bags of shopping with all seven seats in place. Fold the third-row seats down and there’s enough for a week’s holiday luggage or even a couple of large dogs.

The Sharan is quiet and relaxing to drive. It’s calm and comfortable on motorways, but it’s also easy to drive around town, despite its large size. The large windows give you a good view, which makes getting in and out of parking spaces stress-free.

4. Volkswagen Touran

If you love the Volkswagen Golf but need more space for the family and still want something compact and easy to park, the Touran might be just right for you. It’s smaller than the Sharan but you still get seven seats – three adults can comfortably sit side-by-side in row two and there’s enough space in row three for children. You can fold all of the back seats down to open up loads of boot space if you need it.

Driving the Touran feels much like driving a hatchback – it’s quiet and comfortable on motorways, but feels equally at home around town. The interior has that upmarket Volkswagen feel that some rivals can’t match, and if you choose a Touran with a glass sunroof then the kids can play ‘I Spy’ with aeroplanes.

5. Toyota Prius+

As one of the very few hybrid MPVs, the Toyota Prius+ costs very little to run thanks to its excellent fuel economy and low tax rating. It’s got a low sleek shape to make it as efficient as possible but it’s still roomy enough for seven adults. Third-row passengers can get extra legroom if they need it because the seats in row two can slide forward.

There’s a storage compartment under the boot floor that increases your potential luggage space even with all seven seats in place. The Prius+ has an automatic gearbox as standard, which helps to make it less effort to drive, especially in traffic. Toyota has been making hybrid cars longer than most brands and the Prius+ should prove, like most Toyotas, to be very reliable.

6. Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Want some extra luxury in your practical MPV? The Mercedes B-Class is one of the smaller MPVs on the market but it’s still a spacious and practical family car, with five seats in two rows. Four adults fit comfortably; the middle back seat is more suitable for children. All three of the back seats fold down individually, giving you the option to increase the boot space to hold your holiday luggage or take an old sideboard to the tip.

You can choose from petrol and diesel models, and there are plug-in hybrid and even electric versions if you want a more eco-friendly MPV. The B-Class is quite small, so it’s a great choice if you want extra practicality over a hatchback. A new version of the B-Class was launched in 2019 (as pictured). Older versions are still great little cars, but the newer one is better to drive and has more high-tech features.

7. Peugeot Rifter

If you think the Rifter looks rather van-like, that’s because it’s exactly that. Peugeot took one of its vans, added mod-cons and up to seven seats to create a massively practical but still very affordable people carrier. Its wide, tall body makes it super-spacious inside, and it’s available with five seats or seven seats.

Unusually, you can fit three child seats in row two and adults will be comfortable in row three. Back seat access is easy through large sliding doors and the boot is huge, even with all the seats in place. As well as the standard model, you can order a longer XL model, with even more space inside. There are 28 interior storage compartments, too, including some in the roof – perfect for keeping assorted children’s accessories. Big windows let in lots of light and give a great view out for both grown-ups and kids.

8. BMW 2 Series Active Tourer/Gran Tourer

Another premium MPV option is this, the BMW 2 Series Tourer, and you can pick from two different versions. The Active Tourer is the same size as the Mercedes B-Class, with five seats, while the Gran Tourer has seven seats and a taller, longer body that's about the same size as a Volkswagen Touran. Both models have big boots and seat four adults comfortably. The middle seat of row two, and both the third-row seats in the Gran Tourer, are smaller and better suited to children.

There are petrol and diesel models, and a low-emissions plug-in hybrid version of the Active Tourer. The most powerful models have four-wheel drive, which gives extra reassurance on slippery roads and helps if you need to tow. Every 2 Series Tourer is enjoyable to drive, feeling more agile and responsive than most other MPVs.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

9. Ford C-Max

If the Ford SUVs we've already covered are too big for you, then perhaps the smaller Ford C-Max will fit the bill. It shows Ford’s talent for squeezing out maximum practicality from an MPV, but it does so in a car the size of a hatchback. It’s available as a five-seater, or as a seven-seater called the Grand C-Max. You might think some rival MPVs are better-looking, or offer a slightly more upmarket interior, but you’ll find that few are as fun to drive as the C-Max.

The C-Max is also very well kitted-out with features, especially in the higher trim levels; you’ll love the heated windscreen on cold mornings. The seven-seat Grand C-Max comes with sliding doors for easier access to the back rows. Both petrol and diesel engines are available; we think the petrol models are better suited for short jaunts around town, while the diesels are more economical for longer journeys.

10. Renault Scenic/Grand Scenic

Just because you’re buying an MPV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your style. Just look at the Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic, which are some of the most stylish MPVs ever, with large wheels and a futuristic look inside and out.

They’re also very practical. The regular Scenic has five seats while the longer Grand Scenic has seven. Both have a good-sized boot and you only have to press a button in the boot to drop the back seats into the floor for even more space for your shopping or sports gear.

The Scenic and Grand Scenic feel good to drive, especially versions with the more powerful petrol or diesel engines. The large touchscreen on the dashboard is easy to use, while the comparatively high seating position and large windows give you and your passengers a great view out.

Renault Scenic

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