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Best used family SUVs 2024

There’s never been more choice when it comes to great used family SUVs. Our guide will help you find the best options.

Phill Tromans Cazoo

By Phill Tromans

Updated: 3 January 2024

If you're looking for a used family SUV the good news is that there has never been so many to choose from. There are big ones, small ones, sporty ones and luxurious ones, cost-effective ones and expensive ones. 

Many SUVs make great family cars thanks to their size and shape, but which are the best used family SUVs you can buy in 2024? Here are our top 10, with something to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes.

1. Nissan Qashqai

Think ‘family SUV’ and the Nissan Qashqai may well be the first car that springs to mind. It’s a big seller with smart looks, keen pricing and a comfortable, roomy interior – and that applies to both the latest Qashqai model (pictured), which was introduced in 2021, and the previous-generation one, sold new from 2014 until 2021. Both are brilliant all-rounders, with solid, spacious interiors that are built to withstand family life. 

The Qashqai has always been good to drive, too, striking a great balance between responsiveness and comfort so you feel confident behind the wheel and everyone gets a smooth ride. Several engines are available, although our choice would be the fuel-efficient 1.3-litre petrol.

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2. Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a great used buy, not least because of the brand’s market-leading seven-year warranty, which means even older used models are still covered. Roomy and well-equipped, it's It's a particularly good option for families.

A new model was released in 2021, but it’s the version sold new from 2016 to 2021 (pictured) that we’re focusing on here. It was a huge hit, which means there are lots of them on the market, and all versions are great value for money. There's a choice of petrol or diesel engines and some later models also have mild-hybrid technology to keep fuel costs down.

3. Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is a big seller so there are lots to choose from. The post-2020 model (pictured) is really fun to drive and has a useful, spacious interior as well as a hybrid power option. The older, pre-2020, version isn't quite as roomy but it's practical and will cost you less to buy.

Both versions give you a great driving experience, both in terms of fun for you and comfort for your passengers, and can be found with two-wheel drive for optimum fuel economy or with four-wheel drive for extra reassurance in slippery conditions.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is very much like a higher, more rugged-looking version of the Golf hatchback – and that’s a good thing. It has a similarly restrained exterior and an interior that has a premium look and feel. Compared with the Golf, the Tiguan is more practical, with loads of space for passengers and luggage alike.

Volkswagen has made lots of tech features available across the Tiguan range, with a big central infotainment touchscreen and, on top-spec models, a head-up display. This projects driving information onto the windscreen so that you don’t have to glance down to see it. The driving experience is geared towards comfort rather than sportiness and the Tiguan comes with a solid reputation for reliability.

5. Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman is the most practical car Mini makes, with space inside for four or five, depending on the model (four-seaters have a storage rail running down the middle of the car, rather than a fifth seat).

For maximum space, look at second-generation cars sold new from 2017. These have a larger boot (450 litres compared to 350) and the back seats can slide to prioritise boot space or passenger legroom in the back. All models are fun to drive for this type of car, feeling agile and responsive through corners. Some models come with four-wheel drive for extra grip off-road or in slippery conditions.

6. Hyundai Tucson

Spacious and solid, the Hyundai Tucson has long been a family SUV favourite. We’re looking here at the previous-generation model, sold new from 2015 to 2020 (pictured), just because there are more examples available, but the newest version, sold since 2021, is also a great choice.

As well as having lots of space in the boot and the passenger area, the Tucson comes stacked with features across the range, including an updated infotainment system and dashboard in cars made from 2018. It’s also one of the most comfortable family SUVs in terms of seats and ride quality.

The latest Tucson adds mild-hybrid, full-hybrid and plug-in-hybrid models. Both generations feature an impressive five-year warranty from new, so there are many cars for sale that will still be covered.

7. Peugeot 3008

Looks are subjective, but the Peugeot 3008 is surely in contention as the best-looking family SUV you can buy. But its beauty is more than skin-deep, with a spacious interior, the option of a plug-in hybrid model and a high-tech interior adding to its appeal.

As well as looking good, the interior has lots of space for four adults, and kids will have no issues fitting in the back seats. With a 591-litre capacity( up to the load cover) the 3008’s boot is larger than that of many mid-size SUVs, which makes it well suited to family use. Another two aspects of the 3008 that make it great family transport are its quiet engines and smooth ride, both of which help to make journeys (especially long ones) with a full load of passengers as stress-free as possible.

8. BMW X1

The BMW X1 might be the smallest SUV that BMW makes, but it’s large enough for families and makes a great used buy. We’re looking at the previous-generation model (pictured), sold from 2016, because there aren't many examples of the latest model (sold from 2022) available used.

The interior has a premium look and feel, as well as one of the most easy-to-use infotainment systems around. Comfortable seats and lots of space in the back are complemented by a good-size boot – 505 litres is very decent for a car of this size. The back seats fold down in a 40/20/40 split, too, which gives you more flexibility than with a lot of X1 rivals.

9. Land Rover Discovery

If you’re after a family SUV that’s big on luxury and comfort – and you need seven seats – then the Land Rover Discovery should be on your shopping list. It has one of the most spacious third rows of seats you can find, which means room even for a large or growing family. And its party piece is an off-road ability that few can match. A muddy farm path will hold no fear and it’ll go impressively far from the beaten track if you want it to.

If you’d rather stay on-road, then you’ll be enveloped in a beautifully luxurious interior with a comfortable ride thanks to clever air suspension. Fold down the third row of seats and you’ll get an enormous boot space. All of this means that for the adventurous family, there are few better cars.

10. Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail represents a very affordable and capable option for those looking for a seven-seat family SUV. Check out the previous-generation model (pictured), sold new until 2021, because there are plenty available (a new model was introduced that same year). It’s a really versatile car and one of the best-value seven-seaters you can buy.

The high driving position gives that commanding view of the road that SUV drivers love and there’s a choice of fuel-efficient engines. New engines were introduced in 2019 and they’re the ones to go for if you can, although the earlier 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre diesels are also very strong.

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