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Best electric SUVs

Looking for an electric SUV but need some inspiration? We’ve rounded up our favourite new and used electric SUVs to get you started.

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SUVs have never been more popular, and the same goes for electric cars. That means there are loads of new and used electric SUVs to choose from. From smaller, more-affordable cars to family-friendly seven-seaters, there should be something to suit your needs and budget.

Our top 4 new electric SUVs

1. BMW iX

If you’re after space and a grand interior then the BMW iX could be right up your street. It’s similar in size to the non-electric BMW X5 and rivals other premium electric SUVs such as the Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The iX’s interior is heaven for anyone who loves tech, with standard features including voice and gesture control, which lets you change things like volume or radio station by speaking or waving your hands. There are two huge 14.5-inch curved screens on the minimalist dash and a head-up display that projects driving information onto the windscreen. Wireless smartphone charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included. 

Even the entry-level iX model can give you up to 257 miles from a single battery charge and its 150kW rapid charging capability lets you top up the battery from 10-80% in 31 minutes – just enough time for a coffee or a stretch during those longer journeys. The top-level xDrive50 M Sport version has a mega range of up to 380 miles, according to official figures, and is compatible with rapid charging up to 195kWh, which can give you 90 miles of charge in 10 minutes (if you can find a fast-enough charger). 

The iX isn’t the most affordable new electric SUV, but its impressive levels of kit, great practicality and long range make it a very attractive car.

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2. Mercedes-Benz EQB

If you want a mid-size electric car that’s suitable for a large family, then the Mercedes-Benz EQB is a seven-seater worth considering. 

There are just three trims – the AMG Line, AMG Line Premium and the range-topping AMG Line Launch Edition – which makes choosing your car simpler.  

Every version has the same battery, with a range of up to 257 miles on a single charge according to official figures. This means you don’t lose out on range if you opt for the entry-level model. The interior is spacious and practical, with back seats that fold down fully and slide backwards and forwards so that you can cater for different mixes of people and luggage. The third-row seats are also fitted with Isofix child seat mounts. 

It’s smooth and comfortable to drive and the EQB is full of tech, including two 10-inch screens that look like one big screen that covers most of the dashboard. Among other useful features included as standard are a reversing camera and an electric boot lid.

3. Tesla Model Y 

The Model Y went on sale early in 2022 – it’s essentially a taller, SUV version of Tesla’s immensely popular Model 3 saloon and it sits higher off the ground, giving you a better view over the road.

Inside, it’s the same as the Model 3 – light and spacious and very comfortable for long journeys. There’s a minimalist dash with a big central touchscreen and you get loads of storage. There’s a ‘frunk’ (a compartment under the bonnet) with room for a bit of shopping or a weekend bag, and interior storage space is plentiful with big door bins and compartments to stash your odds and ends. The huge 845-litre boot is a major plus and bigger than what you find in most other electric SUVs.

The Model Y has an official battery range of 320 miles per charge so you shouldn’t have range anxiety when you plan some longer road trips. Currently, in the UK, the Model Y is only available with five seats, but a seven-seater version may be an option in the future.

4. Kia EV6

The EV6 is like no other Kia before it – a big, sporty pure-electric SUV that’s a rival for cars such as the Audi Q4 e-tron and Tesla Model Y. It’s relatively affordable, with prices starting from just over £40,000, and it has an impressive range, with all versions capable of more than 300 miles when fully charged, according to official figures. 

The EV6 is distinctive, with a swooping roof and a brake light that stretches all the way across the boot lid. If you like a plush but practical interior then you should enjoy sitting in the EV6 because the seats are very comfy. Kia says it has used recycled and sustainable materials to make the dash and floor mats, and the seats are trimmed in vegan leather. You get a 12.3-inch curved touchscreen infotainment system on all trims, which looks very similar to the premium Mercedes-Benz MBUX or BMW iDrive systems.

The back of the EV6 is very comfortable for two adults, so it’s a great car for a double date or a weekend getaway with friends. There’s loads of legroom and the back seats recline, which is ideal if you want a snooze. If you opt for the top GT-Line model you get a huge sunroof for fresh air to waft in on a summer’s day.

Our top 4 used electric SUVs

1. Jaguar I-Pace

In 2018, the Jaguar I-Pace became the first electric car from Jaguar – it’s now well established as a premium and stylish SUV. 

The I-Pace is impressively spacious inside, with lots of room in the front and back and a big boot. The dash features a high-tech infotainment system that combines a wide touchscreen for navigation and entertainment above a smaller, separate climate control screen. It’s easy to use and looks very sophisticated.

It’s great to sit in, with supportive seats and a commanding driving position. And if you like a quick turn of speed then the super-fast acceleration should provide a thrill. In general, the I-Pace is an exciting drive.

The maximum official range is 292 miles, which is more than the Audi e-tron or Mercedes EQC gives you.

2. Peugeot e-2008

The e-2008 is an electric version of the compact 2008 SUV. The battery has a 193-mile official range and all versions since the 2019 launch can handle charging speeds up to 100kW. Even models a few years old can still rapid-charge from 0-80% in as little as 30 minutes. If you’re charging at home, you’ll get a full battery from empty in around seven hours.

If you aren’t too fussed with driving thrills, then the e-2008 is a pleasurable and relaxing car to own. The ride comfort is also excellent, keeping things smooth over bumps and rough road surfaces. 

The e-2008 is a great example of an electric car that doesn’t scrimp on boot space. With 434 litres of space under the load cover, it has the same capacity as the petrol 2008, which isn’t always the case with electrified versions of petrol and diesel cars. On top of all that, it’s easy to get kid seats in the back and there’s decent legroom and headroom for adults, too.

3. BMW iX3 

Maybe you’ve already owned the petrol or diesel BMW X3 and fancy getting the electric version as your next car. If so, the BMW iX3 represents an easy transition to electric driving, because it shares a lot of features with the petrol and diesel versions. 

Visually, the main difference with the electric iX3 is that it has blue highlights inside and out. Other than that, the iX3 is reassuringly similar to anyone who loves the X3’s looks. The interior quality is impressive – the infotainment system has gesture control and you get a 12-inch driver’s display, which shows dials, battery range and menu shortcuts.

The maximum battery range varies depending on which model you get. Even the shortest-range version will cover 279 miles on a single charge (according to official figures) and the max is huge at 380 miles. The iX3 is also the first car to use what BMW calls its ‘Current Excited Synchronised Motor’ system. Although this sounds like a disco song, it actually means no magnets or rare earth metals were used to produce the car, so it’s considered more sustainable – a real plus point if you want to minimise your impact on the environment.

4. Tesla Model X

The Model X is a large seven-seater SUV based on the Model S saloon. It’s very spacious, which helps it do the job of a large family car very well. With an official range of up to 360 miles, depending on the version you buy, you might be able to go on a family staycation and not need to use a charger at all. Also quite unusually for electric cars, the Model X can tow up to 2,250kg, making it one of the best electric cars if you need to hitch up a trailer or enjoy a caravan holiday. 

The huge central 17-inch touchscreen grabs your attention inside, while the ‘Falcon Wing’ back doors that hinge from the roof and open upwards like bird wings are a cool exterior style feature, and will definitely make your car a talking point. 

Tesla includes a lot of advanced driver assistance systems as standard on all its cars and the Model X is a good example. It comes with blind-spot warning and side collision-avoidance systems just to name a couple, so you should feel protected – great if you’ve got young kids on board.

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