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In the next steps, we’ll ask you about your car’s condition, service history and mileage.

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Pickup or drop-off in as little as 48 hours

Drop your car off at your nearest Customer Centre for free or we'll pick the car up from your door for £99. The pickup fee will be deducted from the value of your car. We'll process the payment instantly and it will be in your account on the same day at no extra cost.

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What we will and won't buy

The majority of the cars we buy are under 15 years old and have less than 150,000 miles on the clock. We buy cars that have at least two weeks of valid MOT left from the date you book your sale with us.

We don’t buy cars that:

  • haven’t got a valid MOT 
  • have outstanding finance 
  • have major accident damage 
  • haven’t got tyres which are road legal 
  • have been categorised as insurance category A, B, N (formerly C) or S (formerly D)
  • have been written off or stolen
  • have been imported or exported
  • have a mechanical or electrical fault
  • have exceeded 25,000 miles per year
  • haven't been first registered in the UK
  • have been modified in any way

We're unable to buy your car if you have been registered as the keeper for less than three months. We also don’t buy ex-rental or commercial vehicles, vans, motorbikes or trucks.

"Sold my car, it was easy and process as described. Great staff support and transaction was quick."


What you need to sell your car

  • A valid red V5C that matches your name, address and the number plates 
  • A valid photo driving licence or your passport
  • Evidence of your car’s service history
  • At least one set of car keys
  • Any accessories or parts that came with the car
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement, if you’re dropping your car off

If you’re missing any service history, let us know during the online car valuation. You also need to be the owner (registered keeper) of the car you want to sell.

For more information, read our sell car terms and conditions.

We offer part exchange too

You can also part exchange your current car to reduce the cost of your Cazoo car. If you’re part exchanging, we’ll accept your car if it has outstanding finance.

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