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Best used cars under £10,000

Discover our favourite used cars for £10,000 and under. All of these options are good to drive and have plenty more to offer.

Has the current coronavirus pandemic got you thinking about choosing a used car instead of a new one, to save a bit of cash? Or perhaps you’ve decided to commute to work by car, instead of on the bus or train – and with that in mind, you want to upgrade your old banger to something newer and more reliable?

Either way, you’ll find there’s a whole world of good quality used cars out there for a budget of £10,000. But with so many different makes and models available for that figure, it’s hard to work out which are the ones worth knowing about.

Check out our top 10 recommendations to find out which car best suits you and your lifestyle.

1. Hyundai i10

We’ll start with a small Hyundai – and if those two words have you scrolling past, hold on, because the Hyundai i10 is more than just a cheap and cheerful runaround. Its diminutive dimensions mean it’s a doddle around town but inside it’s bigger than you’d expect, with enough space for two full-grown adults in the back or three children. 

The interior isn’t quite as stylish as some more fashionable models, but it feels well built, and if you choose our preferred SE version, you also get a good selection of equipment. 

Best of all, the i10 is great to drive with perky handling that makes it feel agile around town, and impressive stability on the motorway that means you don’t feel as though you’re about to be batted off the road by a passing HGV. 

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2. Ford Mondeo

The fourth-generation Mondeo is arguably the best of the bunch – we actually reckon it’s a better car all-round than the latest version which it preceded.

Its most obvious attraction is the vast boot, which should be big enough whether you need to carry dogs, furniture or simply the luggage for a family holiday.

But the Mondeo’s charms don’t end there. This is a lovely car to drive; surprisingly so, if you’re imagining its size will make it feel ungainly. Responsive, involving handling means it never feels as big or as bulky as it is and it rides the bumps with the sort of fluidity you’d expect from a much more expensive car. 

Best of all, the Mondeo is cracking value – you get so much car for your money that it’s hard not to be tempted.

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3. Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 could be the world’s most famous two-seater sports car. It’s certainly the most accessible and this third-generation version is one of the most usable too. 

With a budget of up to £10k you’ll have plenty of cars to choose from, and they all guarantee one thing: fun. Agile and wonderfully responsive, the MX-5 puts the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. 

You get a decent amount of equipment, and if you’re worried about owning a car with a fabric roof, you can always choose the RC version, which has a folding metal roof that’ll keep you snug and secure through the winter. Throw in Mazda’s excellent reputation for reliability and it’s easy to see why the MX-5 has become so beloved by its owners.

4. Ford Fiesta

Everyone’s heard of the Ford Fiesta – no wonder, really, given it’s been Britain’s best-selling car on and off for years. But while popularity is no guarantee of competence, in this case the two go hand-in-hand, because this seventh-generation Fiesta is terrific.

The peppy engines are great for nipping into gaps, there’s plenty of space inside, and then there’s the Fiesta’s handling, which is joyous, and makes it feel nimble and agile around town. Yet out on the motorway, the Fiesta’s brilliant too, with a remarkably comfortable suspension setup that feels like it’s come from a car twice the size. 

Zetec versions are well equipped and Titanium models even more so, which is handy, because these are also the most popular. And because there’s a Fiesta on every street corner, you shouldn’t have to look too far to find a good one. What’s more, if you want something more sporty, the Fiesta ST just happens to be one of the best hot hatches ever made. 

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5. Suzuki Vitara

A simple, honest, down-to-earth SUV. That’s the Suzuki Vitara through and through, and it’s why it’s one of our favourite used cars.

It isn’t perfect. The interior is a bit cheap in places, with some scratchy-feeling materials here and there, and the central screen in the dashboard can be a bit fiddly to use. But the dashboard design is at least attractive, and the bits you normally touch – the indicator stalks, gear lever, and so on – are finished in higher-quality plastics that feel good to use. 

The Vitara’s enjoyable to drive. It’s comfortable and feels agile, so it’s fun to zip around roundabouts and bends. Best of all, though, it offers a lot of space inside for its size; there’s a good-sized boot and lots of room in both front and rear seats. 

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6. Hyundai i20

If you’re after a sensible small car, the Hyundai i20 is about as sensible as they come. It may not be quite as much fun to drive as a Ford Fiesta, but it’s just as comfortable, and tends to come better equipped, so you get more gadgets for your cash.

The i20’s biggest trump card, though, is that like all Hyundais, it comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty, which means if you buy one used, you’ll get whatever’s left of that. Few of its rivals can offer quite the same sort of peace of mind.

The i20 feels solidly built inside and there’s plenty of space for its occupants and their odds and ends, as well as a good-sized boot. 

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7. Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra is the family car of choice for thousands of British motorists – and if you’re feeling patriotic, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s built right here in the UK.

It represents great value on the used market because it’s less expensive to buy than most other family cars. Of course, inexpensive doesn’t always mean good value, but the Astra is a very satisfying car to drive and own; there’s enough space for the family, a decent-sized boot, and it feels safe and sturdy out on the road. 

We especially like it when it’s fitted with one of the excellent turbo petrol engines, diesel models are worth considering too, as they offer excellent fuel economy combined with punchy performance. 

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8. BMW 1 Series

BMWs have long been the cars of choice for those who enjoy driving, and the BMW 1 Series is no exception. Take one for a drive, and it won’t be long before you notice the low-slung driving position, the steering that’s sharper than your average family car’s, or the way the 1 Series doesn’t lean over as much in bends.

The penalty to pay is that the 1 Series isn’t quite as spacious as its less dynamic rivals, but it’s still spacious enough to seat four adults in reasonable comfort, and carry home a week’s shopping. 

What’s more, you can take your pick from a range of excellent petrol and diesel engines; the Efficient Dynamics versions in particular are astonishingly economical, while at the other end of the spectrum, the rapid M135i and M140i versions are truly exhilarating to drive. 

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9. Kia Picanto

As small, friendly urban runarounds go, the Kia Picanto is one of the best. Not only do its diminutive dimensions make it easy to drive around town, but it’s surprisingly spacious inside for such a tiddler.

You’ll also find a rather smart-looking dashboard and plenty of equipment on most versions. What’s more, the Picanto feels lively to drive, which means it’ll put a smile on your face whether you’re nipping around town or out in the country.

But the Picanto isn’t just good fun. It makes good sense too, with a terrific reliability record that’s backed up by a whopping seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty – one of the best in the business. 

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10. Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti is  a practical family car with character. Its quirky styling means it looks like nothing else on the road, but this isn’t a case of form without function. The boxy roofline makes the boot and rear seats immensely spacious, while the raised ride height means it’s easy to see out, easy to climb in and easy to strap the kids in.

But the Yeti’s piece de resistance is its clever rear seats. All three of them fold and tumble forward individually, leaving a flat load area, while the outer two can slide forward to increase boot space while still allowing passengers to use them. 

The Yeti rides a little stiffly, but not so much that you won’t get used to it. The payoff is that despite that tall body, it feels safe and secure in corners and doesn’t lean over like some high-sided cars do. 

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Now you know the 10 best used cars to buy for less than £10,000. The only question is which one to choose. Once you’ve made up your mind, find the one you want on Cazoo and get it delivered to your door!

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