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Audi A4 vs Audi A5: used car comparison

What’s the difference between the Audi A4 and Audi A5 and which is best for you? Our used car comparison guide tells you everything you need to know.

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By Graham King

The Audi A4 and Audi A5 are among the German brand’s most popular models. In many ways, they’re very similar – similar size, similar engine choices – but there are some crucial differences that could mean one will suit you better than the other. In this guide we look at their similarities and differences, and which might suit you best when buying used.

There are older versions of both cars but here we’re focusing on the latest generation of A4 and A5, both sold new since 2016. 

Size and styling

The A4 and A5 are exactly the same size and share many major components including engines, suspension and electronics. Each is approximately 4.7 metres long. Other cars that size include the BMW 3 Series and the Ford Mondeo. The difference between them is their styling. The A4 is a traditional family car available with saloon or estate bodies, which Audi calls ‘Avant’. There’s even an SUV-style version called the A4 Allroad, which is an Avant with raised suspension and tough plastic body cladding. The A5 is a sportier choice, available with a coupe or convertible body. There’s also the A5 Sportback, a sleek five-door hatchback for extra practicality.

The A5 is slightly lower and wider than the A4, giving it a sportier look. Both models were updated in 2019 with new styling details, most noticeably larger front grilles and new headlight designs.

Audi A4 on left; Audi A5 on right

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Interior and tech

The interior of most Audis, including the A4 and A5, is extremely user-friendly and beautifully made. While the A4 and A5 aren’t quite luxury cars, the inside of either is a very relaxing place to spend a long journey. 

The A4 and A5 have exactly the same dashboard – as mentioned earlier, the two cars are very closely related. If you switched between the two, you’d know exactly where all the buttons, knobs and dials were.

And yet the interior of the A4 and A5 do feel different. That’s because the A4 has bigger windows, so it gets more light, which makes it feel more spacious. The A5’s slightly darker interior feels more appropriate for a car with its sporty remit. You can brighten up the A5’s interior considerably – if you buy a convertible and drop the roof down!

The A4 and A5 also have the same on-board tech and infotainment systems, including sat nav, a widescreen digital driver’s display, climate control, cruise control and automatic emergency braking. Indeed, every model comes with a long list of features as standard.     

Audi A4 on left; Audi A5 on right

Boot space and practicality

The A4 is the more family-oriented car. There’s space for five adults to travel together in comfort and it has a boot capacity of 480 litres. The boot is a bit bigger in the Avant and the Allroad than in the saloon, with 495 litres of space. That’s not much of a difference, but the longer roof and full-height boot lid of the Avant and Allroad make it easier to load in big, bulky stuff.

The A5 is less practical because it can only seat four (the A5 Sportback technically has five seats, but the middle back seat is rather uncomfortable). Still, those four seats are spacious enough for adults and the boot is pretty big for this type of car. The coupe has a capacity of 450 litres, the convertible has 380 litres of space and the Sportback has the same 480-litre capacity as the A4 saloon. 

Whichever version of the A4 or A5 you choose, the back seats fold down in three parts for loading long things like skis. Or a curtain rail.

Audi A4 on left; Audi A5 on right

Which is the best to drive?

Being so similar, the A4 and A5 feel much the same to drive. Their steering feels responsive, they’re easy to park and they’re fantastic for cruising long distances on the motorway. A BMW 3 Series or a Jaguar XE is more fun on a winding country road, though. 

The A4 and A5 are also available with the same petrol and diesel engines. Even the least-powerful engines can give rapid acceleration but there are some high-performance models available if you like to get a move on. The S4 and S5 have nearly 350bhp, which makes them very fast. The RS4 Avant and RS5 are even faster, with almost 450bhp. For those wondering what bhp is, it’s a measure of engine power.

Models with an automatic gearbox are much more popular than manuals – indeed the latest models are automatic-only. Four-wheel drive, which Audi calls Quattro, is available with the more powerful engines.

Audi A4 on left; Audi A5 on right

Which costs less to own?

Once again, the A4 and A5 are very similar when it comes to their fuel economy. As of April 2022, the latest A4 saloon and A5 coupe both promise an average fuel economy of 40-45mpg with a petrol engine and 48-58mpg with a diesel. Figures for other versions of the A4 and A5 are slightly lower. 

Being a sportier model, the A5 does cost a bit more to insure, though. And you’ll pay more than an equivalent A4 to buy one in the first place.  


Safety organisation Euro NCAP awarded the A4 and A5 a full five-star rating in 2015, noting that they protect passengers very well in a crash. They also rank well for pedestrian safety.

Driver assistance features fitted to the latest models include, among others, automatic emergency braking, cruise control with speed limiter and hill-hold assist.


Audi A4 saloon

  • Length: 4762mm

  • Width: 2022mm (including door mirrors)

  • Height: 1428mm

  • Boot space: 480 litres

Audi A5 coupe

  • Length: 4697mm

  • Width: 2029mm (including door mirrors)

  • Height: 1371mm  

  • Boot space: 450 litres


It’s clear at this stage that the A4 and A5 are basically the same car with different bodies. If you’re in the market for a large saloon, estate, coupe, convertible or hatchback, they compare very well with similar cars and are a great choice.

Which of the two is better for you? If you want a coupe or convertible, you’re unlikely to be swayed from the A5 to the A4. The question is a bit more complex if you want a family car. The A4 saloon, Avant estate or Allroad are the obvious choices, though the A5 Sportback offers similar practicality with a sportier look that you may find appealing.

Still, we’re going to call it a win for the A4 because it costs less to buy, new or used than the A5 Sportback. 

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