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Best used automatic cars 2023

Looking for a used automatic car? Here’s our pick of the best used cars with automatic gearboxes.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Published: 3 January 2023

Automatic gearboxes make driving a lot easier. With no need to press the clutch to change gears, using your car is less tiring – physically and mentally – especially in stop-start traffic. That’s one of the main reasons automatic cars are increasingly popular.

As a result, there are a lot of used automatic cars, including about half of the cars for sale with Cazoo. Whether you want a little urban runabout for nipping to the shops or a bigger car for family trips abroad, you’ll find something to suit your needs among our top automatic cars.

Best automatic city car – Fiat 500 Electric

The Fiat 500 has long been a favourite thanks to its cute retro style and super-low ownership costs. This all-new electric version, which went on sale in 2021, looks very similar to and has all the charm of, the previous model but it gives you the benefit of zero-emission, pure-electric power and a more premium feel inside and out.

All electric cars are essentially automatics, and that’s just one reason that the 500 Electric makes a brilliant city car. It’s small, so it’s easy to nip in and out of tight spaces, and of course, there’s no need to keep shifting gears if you get snarled up in traffic on congested city streets.

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Best automatic small hatchback – Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been one of the best-selling cars in the UK for decades, and for very good reason. It’s a fantastic all-rounder that’s great to drive, affordable to run and practical enough for both people and stuff. There’s a wide range of models to choose from, starting with an affordable city runabout, up to a luxurious small car or a sporty hot hatch.

It’s also available with a fast-shifting automatic gearbox that’s considerably better than the automatic options offered by a lot of rivals. And because it has been so popular, there are lots of used examples to choose from.

Best automatic large hatchback – Skoda Octavia

There are plenty of good large hatchbacks, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a car that does more than the Skoda Octavia. It’s big for this type of car, which means you’ll have ample legroom in the back and a huge boot. It’s relaxing to drive, affordable and packed with clever features to make life easier. From a removable magnetic torch in the boot, to an ice scraper under the fuel filler flap, to umbrellas stored in the doors, the Octavia is a car that is effortless to live with.

A range of engines is available, and most are available with a smooth-shifting automatic gearbox that beautifully matches the Octavia’s relaxed driving experience.

Best automatic saloon – Tesla Model 3

Saloon cars aren’t as popular as they once were but Tesla’s Model 3 shows that there’s still demand for this type of car. The Model 3 is a stylish, all-electric car with a fantastic battery range and brilliant performance. It also has an interior unlike any other, with a minimalist design dominated by a huge central touchscreen.

As with all electric cars, you don’t have to worry about changing gears – just put the car into drive and away you go. And don’t forget: Tesla customers can also take advantage of the comprehensive Supercharger charging network if they need to top up the battery away from home.

Best automatic estate – Audi A6 Avant

If you want a big, premium car then you can’t do much better than an Audi A6. The Avant version is the estate model, mixing a top-quality interior with a powerful yet relaxing driving experience and huge amounts of interior space.

Every version of the latest A6 Avant (which went on sale in 2018) has an automatic gearbox. You have a choice of petrol or diesel engines and if you want thrills to go with your premium practicality, look at the powerful S6 and RS6 versions, which are seriously quick.

Best automatic small SUV – Volvo XC40

Volvo of Sweden makes premium cars that are an alternative to the “Big Three” German brands – BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The XC40 is a great little SUV with a stylish design inside and out and a range of power choices, including a full-electric model.

The XC40 is available with a manual gearbox, but the majority of owners prefer an automatic, which means there are lots to choose from on the used market. All are packed with high-end tech, including some of the best safety features available anywhere.

Best automatic mid-size SUV – Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is an impressively practical family car with a long five-year warranty. Two versions are available – one sold new until 2020 and another introduced that same year. Both are great choices and both are available with automatic gearboxes.

You can spot the new version (pictured) by its bold styling, and also has more up-to-date tech than the previous model. But even the older Tucson has much to recommend about it, not least a more-affordable price. But it also has lots of equipment as standard and there’s the option of four-wheel-drive models that can give you extra reassurance on slippery roads.

Best automatic large SUV – Volvo XC90

Like many large SUVs, the Volvo XC90 is available only with an automatic gearbox. It's a great fit, because it's a car that's all about travelling in effortless luxury.

You can get petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid models, all of which have four-wheel drive and enough power to help you overtake slower vehicles and get up to speed on the motorway quickly and safely. This being a Volvo you get lots of advanced driver safety features and, even by the standards of larger premium SUVs, the XC90 is exceptionally well equipped.

Best automatic convertible – BMW 2 Series Convertible

BMW has several excellent convertibles in its range, but the 2 Series is the most affordable. Crucially, it doesn’t cut corners to meet a price point – it feels every inch the premium car. It’s also fun to drive and looks great, too.

Several powerful engines are available, and if you look carefully at used models you should be able to find cars with the optional extras you desire.

The soft-top roof raises or lowers at the touch of a button to give you an open-air driving experience, but the 2 Series is always enjoyable to drive, roof up or roof down. Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available, but we think the automatic is better, with seamless shifting that makes journeys more relaxing.

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