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Joel and family and Seat Ateca

Customer stories: meet Joel

Joel exchanged his old car for a new family car fit for his newborn son.

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By Cazoo editorial team

A new baby calls for the perfect family car. And that's just what Joel did when he part-exchanged his old car for a Seat Ateca from Cazoo. We caught up with Joel to hear all about how he bought his used car online, including the 'big reveal' when he collected it from a Cazoo Customer Centre.

Hi Joel, how’s it going? What made you look for a car on Cazoo?

Well, we wanted to get a new car because we've had our little boy come along. We quickly realised that we could do with the extra space.

So we were looking for a bigger car and I came across Cazoo online and thought, “Oh, this is what I've seen on the TV ads!” I just kept thinking, it's like the Amazon Prime of cars. It’s the future, basically.

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Exciting! So what about buying a car online appealed to you the most?

To be honest, my first thought was that it's a bit scary. Normally you can go and test drive the car and see it in person but, actually, one thing that put my worry at ease was your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Knowing that if you don't like it you can simply return it –  I guess it's better than a quick test drive. It’s almost like a week-long test drive.

You've got all the photos that show any imperfections too. Everything was just so clear online – you could see exactly what you’re getting with the car so there weren't going to be any hidden surprises.

And you part-exchanged your old car – how did that go?

From ordering online to the handover day, it couldn't have been any easier. The whole process was great. Cazoo offered us more money for our old car than anywhere else, too. My wife Sarah and I kept saying to ourselves all night, “You know something, it’s going to be too good to be true”.

It was so easy. We got our online valuation and then, on the day, we received the car and part-exchanged our old one. The Handover Specialist just had a quick look around and said “That’s it, everything’s perfect”. It all went really smoothly. The process was faultless.

Great. So tell me about your Cazoo car – what made you go for this particular make and model?

We’ve had good experiences with this particular car make, Seat, and we knew we wanted a larger car for the new family life. We live in Kent, but the rest of our family lives up north and we also have a dog, so we really needed the extra space for travel. It has a few nice features, too, such as parking cameras and interior lights. Just all those things that make it extra special. 

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What are you enjoying most about your Cazoo car?

Definitely the features, and the space is super convenient. It’s just much more practical for us and makes our day-to-day life that little bit easier.

Tell me about the handover – how did you feel when you saw your car for the first time?

We went to the Lakeside Customer Centre in Essex as it’s only half an hour from us. I liked the idea of having more people on hand to help if I had any questions.

We were so pleased that we did, because we got there and everything was just spotless. We were even offered drinks as soon as we entered.

We were trying to find our car but we couldn’t spot it anywhere. Then we noticed one of the cars was under a big drape and we were thinking, surely that’s not our car, it's like a present! But it was. The guy took us over and did a big reveal, like you see on those TV game shows. It was much more than picking up a car, it was an experience. As soon as we left, I was on the phone to my mum telling her about the big reveal. It was a great day.

Also, I'm ginger and the car is a very nice orange colour that matches my hair!

What would you say to anyone thinking about buying a Cazoo car?

I immediately told two of my friends that I’d recommend going to Cazoo.

A friend of ours is thinking of getting a new car now and I said, “Go to Cazoo and look at what your current car is worth, you won't find anywhere better”.

Our whole experience couldn’t have been easier, so we were quite quick to say to our friends, “Don't even think twice about going to Cazoo. Just go for it”.

Sounds like you had a smooth experience. I guess you’ll be buying your next car online?

When we need to get a new car in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to look at Cazoo again. In fact, I’d look there first.

How would you describe your experience with Cazoo in three words?

Piece. Of. Cake.

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