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Cazoo customer story: meet May

Customer stories: meet May

May, a junior doctor, bought a Toyota Aygo (which she named Bob) from Cazoo in 2020. Just over a year later May came back to Cazoo to buy a second car for her and her partner, and this time she went electric! We caught up with May to find out more.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q. Hi May! It’s great to catch up again. So why did you decide to buy another car with Cazoo?

Because I had such a good experience with Bob, the Toyota Aygo!

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Q. And what car did you go with this time?

My partner and I chose an electric car this time, the Nissan Leaf. It’s one of the most affordable electric cars around.

Q. Nice. So why did you choose an electric car?

It’s the future of driving. I think in the next five years, the majority of new cars sold will be electric. Our main reason for choosing an electric car was because of the current climate change issues.

Driving with zero emissions – that's the part I really like. I've been in a few electric cars and it's a bit of a weird feeling but I quite like how relaxed, calm and quiet they are, too.

Q. How are you finding it so far?

It just feels so safe. For example, when you're on the motorway, if you drive slightly over the white line the steering lets you know and tries to pull you back. Which is incredible! Also, I’m awful at parking but the car has cameras that cover all corners and it shows a bird’s-eye view of the car on your screen, so you can see exactly where you’re parking.

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Q. How was the handover and what was your reaction when you saw your car?

So, first of all I saw the car reversing from the back of the van – it just looked very, very smart. It was a really nice handover. I can’t remember the Handover Specialist’s name but he was really friendly and said he'd never handed over an electric car before. So they were quite new to him, too! I guess we discovered something new together.

Q. How easy was it to order your car online for a second time?

Even easier because we'd already done it once. You just choose which car you’d like, click ‘buy’ and then you pay what you see. Then it's delivered straight to your door, it's just so easy.

Q. What would you say to anyone thinking about getting an electric car?

Oh, definitely consider it. Like I said, it's the future of driving. You save a lot of money with fuel and paying the road tax. I live in a flat at the moment but we’ll be moving soon, so then we're looking to install an electric charger at our home.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about Cazoo?

The convenience, ease and certainly the great customer service!

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