How do I apply for finance?

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Find your Cazoo car, select the option to finance it and once you’ve found a deal that suits you, you can then choose to apply. If you’ve been approved by the lender, you’ll need to pay your deposit and sign your documents.

During your application, we'll need your personal details, employment details, address history, bank account details and a copy of your photo driving licence or provisional driving licence. 

To apply for finance, you must be at least 18 years old or older. You’ll also need to have lived in the UK for a minimum of three years.

When you submit your finance application, you'll usually receive a finance decision within a few minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours or longer. If you haven't received a decision after 24 hours, please give us a call on 020 3901 3488. We’re available to chat 7 days a week from 9am-6pm.

If you apply when our Customer Support Team is unavailable, we'll send you a decision the next working day. 

If the lender needs more information, like additional bank statements or proof of address, we’ll reach out to let you know. 

Once you've been accepted for finance, you’ll have 48 hours to pay your deposit. If your deposit isn’t paid within 48 hours, the car will go back up for sale on our website.

Once you've paid your deposit, you’ll have until midday the day before delivery or collection to sign your documents. If your delivery or collection is on a Monday, you’ll need to sign your documents by midday on Saturday.

If you’ve applied for PCP finance and received an offer for HP finance, it means the lenders have reviewed your application and credit report and can only offer you HP at this time. 

Your first monthly payment is usually due between 28-31 days after the lender has signed the agreement. You can usually change the date for free before you make your first payment. Please check your lender's terms and conditions.

Will applying for finance affect my credit score?

If you apply for finance a lender will run a hard credit check on your credit profile. Too many hard credit checks over a short period can affect your credit score for six months. This could reduce your ability to get approved for finance. 

Learn more about how your credit score is affected when applying for finance.

The difference between a soft and hard credit check:

If you apply for finance with Cazoo, there are two types of credit checks - hard and soft.

A soft credit check is a preliminary credit check which is usually carried out to understand if you’re eligible for certain products with lenders. This type of check isn't visible to other lenders and doesn't impact your credit score.

A hard credit check is carried out when you’ve applied for credit and the lender reviews your credit report to help make a decision on your finance application. This type of check is visible to other lenders and can have an impact on your credit score.

Check your likelihood of being accepted for car finance before you apply