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Do used Cazoo cars come with service history?

• Updated

We always show service history for cars that have it. You’ll be able to see a car’s service history on the car details page. Just scroll down and you’ll find it under ‘Service history’. Browse Cazoo cars.

A car’s service history can be recorded in a number of ways, including:

  • Onboard computers (details stored in your car’s digital system).

  • Service books (hard copy paper records).

  • Service documents (other records, such as invoices and receipts).

  • Cazoo Service sheets (a record of services carried out by Cazoo Ltd).

We’ll pass on any service records that we receive with the car when it’s sold. Occasionally records are missing or not officially stamped, but you may still be able to get digital records from your local dealership.

There are also some cars that haven’t been serviced because they’re less than a year old or under a certain mileage.