Does Cazoo buy cars with insurance issues?

• Updated

At Cazoo, we won’t buy or sell a car with insurance issues. This means that we won’t buy or sell a vehicle if it’s been categorised as A, B, S or N by the Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR).

What are categories A, B, S and N?

These categories are how insurance providers define the different levels of accident damage to a vehicle. 

Category A: The vehicle has suffered extensive damage and is no longer safe to drive. 

Category B: The vehicle has had significant damage but some parts may be salvageable. It’s unsafe to drive but reclaimed parts can be used in roadworthy vehicles. 

Category S (formerly C): The vehicle has had some structural damage. Until the vehicle has been professionally repaired, it isn’t safe to drive.

Category N (formerly D): The damage to the vehicle is likely cosmetic or electrical and may not be safe to repair. The damage could affect the braking, steering or other safety related parts, meaning the vehicle may not be safe to drive.

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