6 reasons to subscribe to your next car

Subscriptions are a great way of getting a new car. Here are our top six reasons why.

Most of us have at least one subscription, whether it’s for our phone, TV and film streaming, food delivery or any number of other useful products or services. But have you ever considered subscribing to your car? 

A car subscription is a convenient, flexible alternative to buying or leasing that gives you access to the latest models. A flat monthly fee covers everything you need to keep the car on the road, so all you need to do is add fuel. 

Here’s our guide to the top six reasons why subscribing to your next car might be a good idea.

1. All-inclusive driving

When you subscribe to a car, the cost of road tax, insurance, servicing and breakdown cover is included in your monthly payment. That way, you know exactly how much the car will cost you and you won’t be surprised with any big bills. You’ll need to pay for fuel, of course, as well as day-to-day fluids such as screenwash and AdBlue, but most other maintenance costs will be included. 

As with PCP deals, there will be a limit on how many miles you can drive in a month, but it’s usually enough for most people’s needs. If you go over your monthly allowance you’ll be charged for each extra mile, although you can often choose a contract with a higher mileage, for a slightly higher monthly payment.

2. Low deposit

With traditional finance and leasing deals you often have to pay a hefty deposit up-front. A subscription requires a much smaller deposit, usually equivalent to a couple of monthly payments.

3. Convenience

A car subscription allows you to choose and book your car entirely online with just a few short forms to fill in. Most will give you a decision within 48 hours after checking your driving history for insurance purposes and running a few affordability checks that won’t affect your credit score. 

Having just one monthly payment cuts down on paperwork too. Whereas traditional car ownership means separate admin jobs for finance, tax, insurance and servicing, a subscription means you have fewer things to take care of.

4. Flexibility

Most finance or car leasing deals tie you to the same car for between two and four years. That kind of long-term commitment won’t suit everyone. If you know that you’ll only need a car for a short time, or aren’t sure whether you need one at all, subscription allows you to have a car for a length of time that suits you, with all associated costs covered.

With a car subscription, you can usually choose a term of between 6 and 24 months, and many subscription services allow you to choose exactly how long you want to keep the car. At the end of your contract you can decide to keep it rolling, hand the car back and walk away, or subscribe to a different car.

5. The latest cars

You’ll find a wide range of new cars available for subscription. There’s something for everyone, from city runabouts to large family SUVs and even luxury cars and ultra-low emissions hybrids and electric cars.

6. Try before you buy

Subscription is a great way to try out a car to see if it’s right for you or even to see how a car will fit into your life if you haven’t owned one before. A short-term subscription allows you to live with a car and make sure it’s what you need. It’s the perfect option if you’re considering buying an electric car and want to try one out before committing to switching away from your petrol or diesel car. And if you enjoy the subscription experience as much as the car you can simply extend your contract for as long as you like!

You can now get the latest models with a Cazoo subscription. For a flat monthly payment you get a new car, insurance, maintenance, servicing and tax included. All you need to do is add fuel.

Find the car you love, then simply decide on the length of your contract and choose either home delivery or collection from your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre.

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