How does Paint & Fabric Protection work?

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Paint & Fabric Protection is a one-time protective coating that’s applied before your car is delivered or collected. It lasts for the lifetime of your car and helps to keep the inside and outside looking its best for longer.  

Caring for your car with Paint & Fabric Protection:

Paint & Fabric Protection preserves your car's interior and exterior from day-to-day dirt, messy spills and much more without the need for wax, polish or top-ups. It also protects your car’s paintwork for up to two days after bird droppings occur. Leaving the droppings in place longer than a couple of days could result in paintwork damage, so it’s best to wipe them clean as soon as you notice them. 

You can clean your car as often as you normally would. Hand washing with a quality shampoo is recommended over automatic car washes. There’s also no need to wax or polish your car, as Paint & Fabric Protection will keep it shiny if you wash it regularly. 

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Paying for Paint & Fabric Protection:

Once you’ve found your Cazoo car, you can add Paint & Fabric Protection to your order in checkout and we'll apply it before your car is delivered or collected. 

Paint & Fabric Protection is only available as a one-off payment and can’t be included as part of your finance agreement. You’ll need to pay for it separately with a card payment when you complete your order.

Cancelling Paint & Fabric Protection:

You won’t be able to cancel Paint & Fabric Protection between completing your order and receiving your car. If you decide to return the car within the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee period, we’ll give you a full refund. You can then drop the car off at a Cazoo Customer Centre for free or we’ll pick it up from your door for £149.