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We own our cars, so we can guarantee the quality

Every used Cazoo car is thoroughly inspected and fully reconditioned, so you can be completely confident about its condition and safety.

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Only the best cars

Not every car has what it takes to become a Cazoo car. We’re incredibly selective about what we buy and purchase less than 5% of the cars that we look at.

Every Cazoo car:

  • Has never been in a major accident

  • Has no outstanding finance or insurance issues

  • Shows the number of previous owners

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Thoroughly inspected

Every used Cazoo car completes a thorough 300 point inspection at our dedicated Vehicle Preparation Centres. This is where our highly qualified technicians check everything from the engine, brakes and suspension to the electrics, sat nav and more. We use the latest technology to diagnose any faults or issues that aren’t visible.

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Fully reconditioned

We spend hundreds of pounds reconditioning our used cars to our highest standards and we do our best to fix cosmetic imperfections.

About Cazoo car quality standards

See your car inside and out

Once we’ve inspected and reconditioned each car, we display detailed images from every angle which you can view in our image gallery. We also highlight imperfections which are flagged in line with our standards.

Test driven by us

Our technicians test drive every used car to check engine performance, steering and brakes. They listen out for unexpected noises or vibrations and test for mechanical problems. If we discover anything we don’t like, we fix it or we won’t sell it.

Recent service & MOT

We carry out an oil and filter change on every car with less than 3 months to go before its next service and before we list it for sale. If it’s due for an MOT within the next 3 months, we give it an MOT inspection and a new certificate.

Fully valeted & sanitised

Each car is fully valeted inside and out and thoroughly sanitised before we hand it over. We deep clean everything from the backseats to the boot and even the engine! And it’ll have at least 10 litres of fuel so you can go for a spin straight from the get-go. If you’ve opted for an electric car it’ll come at least 75% charged.

Drive away with confidence

We include a comprehensive 90-day warranty and RAC roadside assistance with every used car.

If you’ll be using your car for hire and reward (which is using it for services or transport in exchange for payment), we’re unable to include the 90-day warranty and roadside assistance. 

For more information, read our terms and conditions.

7 days to get to know your car

Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee offers more peace of mind than a test drive and gives you up to 7 days after delivery or collection to get to know your car. Within the 7 days, you can drive up to 250 miles to make sure it suits you. We also give you a call in the first week to see how you’re getting on and to answer any questions. 

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