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Part exchanging your current car is a great way to help you pay for your next car and to lower your monthly payments.

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Why part exchange with Cazoo?

  • No extra fees

    We won’t include any hidden costs.

  • Totally transparent

    The offer you see is the offer you’ll get.

  • Honest & haggle-free

    We always give you our best price.

"We recently bought and part exchanged from Cazoo and haven't got enough good things to say about them...The process of actually buying and part exchanging the car was easy and very slick."

Stephanie Jane

How does part exchange work at Cazoo?

1. Buy entirely online

Find your perfect used Cazoo car and complete your purchase without leaving home.

2. Instant valuation

We’ll take some information about your current car at checkout and give you an instant online valuation.

3. Taken off the total cost

The price of your part exchange will be deducted from the cost of your Cazoo car.

4. Same day exchange

We’ll take your current car off your hands at the same time you receive your Cazoo car.

Can I part exchange a car with outstanding finance?

If your current car has outstanding finance on a PCP or HP agreement, we’ll still take it off your hands and you can get another car from Cazoo.

We'll give you a valuation based on your car’s condition and the amount of outstanding finance.

Just let us know the correct settlement amount during checkout and send us your settlement letter before you receive your car. You can get your settlement letter by contacting the lender you have your finance agreement with.

Learn more about part exchanging with outstanding finance

“Bought my car and part-exed my existing one with no hassle whatsoever. Got a good quote compared to the other online car buying sites and there was no haggling at all on the day of exchange.”


About our exchange process

Whether we’re delivering your Cazoo car to your door or you’re collecting it from one of our Customer Centres, we’ll inspect the one you’re part exchanging at the same time to make sure it matches the description you’ve provided.

What you’ll need to hand:

  • A valid red V5C that matches your name, address and the number plates

  • A valid photo driving licence or your passport

  • Evidence of your car’s service history

  • At least one car key

  • Any accessories or parts that came with the car

  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement, if you're collecting your car

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