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Thinking of getting a Fiat 500e?

Why buy the Fiat 500 Electric?

If you want an electric car to drive in style, around town or further afield, with zero exhaust emissions, the Fiat 500 Electric could be ideal. Although it bears a strong resemblance to the familiar Fiat 500, it’s actually a completely different car. It’s a fraction larger (but still tiny), looks more modern inside and out, and, of course, it’s purely battery-powered, with an official range of up to 205 miles on a single charge.

Fiat 500 Electric range and updates

The 500 Electric has been sold new since 2020. It’s available with a hatchback body or as a convertible with a fabric roof that slides back behind the back seats. As of Spring 2022, there were four models to choose from – Action, Red, Icon and La Prima – and you can choose from two motor/battery combinations. One combo has a 70kW motor and a 24kWh battery, producing 91bhp and giving you a range of up to 118 miles on a full charge. The other has a more powerful 87kW motor and a bigger 42kWh battery, meaning it has 116bhp and can go up to 205 miles on a full charge.

Fiat 500 Electric tech and features

All 500 Electric models have air con, keyless entry and keyless start, a digital driver’s display and electric front windows. The entry-point Action model has a smartphone dock that links to the car’s speakers so you can hear phone calls and music, while all of the other models have a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, plus cruise control and built-in storage between the front seats. Top of the range models also have electrically adjustable seats among other luxurious touches.

Fiat 500 Electric running costs and value

According to official figures, 500 Electric models with the 70kW motor have a maximum battery range of 118 miles. The 87kW models can go up to 205 miles, so could be the better choice if you make a lot of longer journeys. The 87kW models are compatible with public chargers with speeds of up to 85kW; use one of those and it takes about half an hour to recharge the battery from 10-80% capacity. Charging at home from a 7kW wallbox should take around nine hours. The 70kW models have a smaller capacity battery, so can recharge a bit quicker. However, they’re only compatible with 50kW public chargers. Like all electric cars, the 500 Electric costs more to buy than an equivalent petrol car, but it’s competitively priced against other small electric cars, and you could dramatically reduce your running costs by not buying petrol.

Fiat 500 Electric vs rivals

Other small electric cars you might want to consider include the Renault Zoe, the Honda E and the Mini Electric. The Renault is more practical and has a longer range, the Honda has more impressive tech, and the Mini is more fun to drive. But the Fiat’s unique style is very appealing and the 500 Electric offers a usefully long range for an electric car of its price.

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