Mum's the word: £1,000 per year spent on mums driving their kids around

16 March 2020

  • In 68% of cases, mums say they do most of the driving in their families

  • 153 hours spent each year driving their children around

  • £997.36 spent on petrol annually by mums driving their kids from A to B

  • Almost a third (31%) say they’d consider charging their kids for petrol

Mums are spending almost £1,000 on petrol per year purely to drive their kids around, with almost a third (31%) saying they would consider charging their children to cover the cost, new research reveals.

The analysis by Cazoo, which is transforming the way we buy used cars, surveyed over 2,000 mums who drive to gain a better understanding of what the family-run ‘taxi’ service looks like. It finds that 68% of mums say they do the majority of the driving for their children. On average a mum spends £19.18 each week to cover the cost of petrol, purely driving their child around, amounting to £997.36 per year.

While many mums accept the expense, one in 20 charge their children for all journeys they make for them. The same number also ‘chauffeur’ their children in return for them carrying out some of the household chores.

Each year, mums spend 153 hours driving their kids around, the school run (68%), taking them shopping (66%) and visiting relatives (62%) come out on top.

The research also shows that a mum’s taxi service doesn’t stop once their children reach driving age: 36% of those surveyed say a proportion of their time is still spent driving their children over the age of 17. A quarter of respondents still spend two hours per week driving around their older children and 13% spending up to three hours.  

But this time spent in the car is also cherished by mums. Over a third say they find being in the car with their children a great way to bond (35%), with more than one in five (21%) admitting this is where they have their most open and honest conversations. Although we are not sure if the feeling is reciprocated by their children, 13% of mums enjoy the extra time so much it’s their favourite part of the day. 

Analysis of the data across the UK shows that mums in Liverpool are more likely than anywhere else in the country to do the majority of the driving for the family (83%). Aberdeen mums do the least amount of driving for their families at 54%. 

Locations with the highest share of mums doing the driving

Liverpool - 83%

Wolverhampton - 81%

Worcester - 78%

Birmingham - 77%

Aberystwyth - 75%

Locations with the lowest share of mums doing the driving

Southampton - 47%

Oxford - 48%

York - 52%

Wrexham - 53%

Aberdeen - 54%

Katherine Hurst, Customer Experience Director at Cazoo, comments: “it’s interesting to see that mums are doing most of the driving for their kids, and how much they value this time. Some mums (11%) say it’s the only time of day they get to spend together and therefore it’s precious time. To ensure they can get their kids from A to B easily, mums need a reliable car that fits into their lifestyle and Cazoo aims to help”. 

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