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If you have a ULEZ compliant car you don’t have to pay to drive in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). At Cazoo, you can choose from a range of used ULEZ compliant cars for sale through our trusted partners.

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Thinking of getting a ULEZ compliant car?

What does ULEZ mean?

ULEZ is London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which covers most of Greater London up to the M25 motorway. ULEZ is a clean air zone that was created to improve air quality by encouraging people to switch to lower-emission cars or to use public transport, walk or cycle when travelling in London. 

What is a ULEZ-compliant car?

A ULEZ-compliant car is one that meets the requirements to drive into London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone without being charged a fee. If your car is not ULEZ-compliant,  you can still enter the ULEZ but you have to pay: as of September 2023, the charge was £12.50 per day.

What are the ULEZ requirements?

The ULEZ requirements are based on exhaust emission standards designed to reduce local air pollution that causes health issues in urban areas. 

Petrol cars must meet Euro 4 standards, which are based on how much of the following a car emits:

–Carbon monoxide (CO)

–Hydrocarbons (HC)

–Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Diesel cars must meet Euro 6 standards, which are based on:

–Carbon monoxide (CO)

–Hydrocarbons (HC)

–Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

–Particulate matter (PM)

You can read more about ULEZ requirements here.

Do ULEZ-compliant cars have low CO2 emissions?

Some, but not all, ULEZ-compliant cars have low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That’s because CO2 is a different type of emission to those restricted by ULEZ. 

Instead of contributing to local air pollution, CO2 is a greenhouse gas that’s linked to global warming. Although CO2 is another byproduct of a petrol or diesel engine, some ULEZ-compliant cars have comparatively high CO2 emissions.

You can read more about CO2 emissions here.

How do I know if my car is ULEZ-compliant?

The best way to know if your car is ULEZ-compliant is to enter its registration number (from the number plate) on the official TfL checker. Most modern petrol and diesel cars, as well as hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars, are allowed inside London’s ULEZ area without having to pay a fee.

Which petrol cars are ULEZ-compliant?

Most petrol cars sold new from January 2006 are ULEZ-compliant, because cars registered new after that date had to comply with Euro 4. Some cars registered before that date also meet the standard, so it’s always worth confirming either way on the TfL checker.

Which diesel cars are ULEZ-compliant?

Any diesel car registered after September 2015 should be ULEZ-compliant. Some cars registered before that date also meet the standard, so it’s worth using the TfL checker to be sure.

Are all electric cars ULEZ-compliant?

All electric cars are ULEZ-compliant because they don’t produce any exhaust emissions. In fact, they don’t have an exhaust!

Are any cars ULEZ-exempt?

While the cars listed above don’t have to pay to enter the ULEZ, they’re considered compliant, rather than exempt. However, some non-compliant cars qualify for a complete exemption from the rules. These are:

–Cars registered with Disabled and Disabled Passenger Vehicle tax classes (until 25 October 2027)

–Cars belonging to disabled people over state pension age, as long as they are in receipt of Attendance Allowance and hold a blue badge (until 25 October 2027)

–Wheelchair-accessible vehicles with a permanent fitted foldable ramp or powered lift for a wheelchair, an electric or hydraulic hoist and a swivel seat or a permanent accelerator ring on the steering wheel (until 25 October 2027)

–Cars driven by those on certain disability benefits. See full list on the TfL website

–London-licensed taxis

–Historic vehicles built before 1 January 1973 and vehicles more than 40 years old and registered in the historic vehicle tax class with the DVLA

What area does the ULEZ cover?

The ULEZ covers all 32 London boroughs and the City of London. See the map on the TfL website.

When was the ULEZ expansion?

A major expansion of the ULEZ took place on 29 August 2023. Before this, it covered a much smaller area around central London up to the North and South Circular (A406) roads.

What is a clean air zone?

A clean air zone is the name given to areas in UK cities where emissions-based restrictions apply on vehicles, including the London ULEZ. Other similar schemes are in place or under consideration in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Manchester, Tyneside, Sheffield, Oxford, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

ULEZ-compliant cars common questions