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The best family cars make life easier for parents and children alike, offering excellent comfort and practicality in a cost-effective package. At Cazoo, you can choose from a range of used family cars available through our trusted partners.

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Thinking of getting a family car?

The term ‘family car’ covers a wide range of vehicles – pretty much any car with at least four seats and some boot space could be considered a family car. But that definition covers tiny city cars, sporty coupes and convertibles, which you’re unlikely to be considering if you want transport for your and your kids. So, here we’re focusing on the more practical kinds of cars that most families tend to go for.

What is considered a family car?

There’s no set definition of what a family car is. You can consider as a family car any car that has enough passenger space for your family and enough boot space for the things you need to carry with you. On that basis, anything from a small hatchback such as the Skoda Fabia to a luxury saloon such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class could be considered a family car. However, most family buyers tend to choose a mid-size or larger hatchback, estate, SUV or MPV.

What should you look for in a family car?

The main thing to consider is whether the car has enough space for your family and all the stuff you’re likely to take with you on a journey. Think about your needs right now and, if you have younger kids, in a few years when they’ve grown. If you have small children who use child seats, you may also want to find a car that makes lifting them in and out easier – perhaps a car with sliding back doors. Then you need to consider your own priorities, whether that’s value for money, fuel efficiency, safety, the driving experience or particular features.

What are some of the most popular family cars?

Ford Focus - A mid-size hatchback or estate that feels great to drive, offers excellent value and is available in a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets.

Renault Captur - Renault’s small SUV offers more passenger and boot space than you might expect for a car of its compact size. It’s stylish and great value too.

Volkswagen Passat - Available as a large saloon or as an estate, the Passat looks and feels like a premium-brand product but doesn’t carry a premium price tag. Diesel models can give you very good fuel economy.

Volvo XC90 - This large SUV has seven seats, each big enough for an adult, and a huge boot. It’s very comfortable, packed with standard features and surprisingly efficient for this type of car.

Ford Galaxy - The Galaxy is a big seven-seat MPV with an interior that you can configure to prioritise passenger or boot space. It’s good to drive, great value and available with efficient diesel or hybrid power.

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