The side exterior of a white Vauxhall Mokka X

Vauxhall Mokka X review

A great choice for everyday driving, the Vauxhall Mokka X has a fairly spacious interior and comes with a good list of standard equipment. It's also not expensive to run.


  • Crossover design looks stylish
  • Medium spec models offer great value with lots of standard equipment
  • Resale values can be good


  • Fussy interiors on the original models
  • It doesn’t drive as well as rivals
  • Some rivals offer better equipment


“The Mokka offers a bit more style and practicality than your regular hatchback.”

The Vauxhall Mokka X is compact, affordable, cheap to run and reliable.
It’s a crossover, but it’s styled more like a car than a larger SUV which for many, is part of the appeal. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something different from a regular hatchback. There’s also a highly sought-after all-wheel drive model available.

An update in 2016 saw the Mokka become the Mokka X, with updates to the exterior design and a few changes to engine choices. It also meant a fresher and even more appealing interior with a stylish dashboard, better equipment and infotainment.

What's the interior like?

“The interior in the Mokka X is well laid out with a good level of equipment.”

Both the previous and latest generation models have the a functional and attractive interior as well as plenty of space for your personal belongings.
Whilst the centre console has controls, many of the regularly used items, such as radio and hands-free phone, can usefully be accessed via the steering wheel.
The 2016 update saw fewer buttons and an up-to-date infotainment system that includes car radio/mobile phone display features, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. These are smartphone apps that allow you to access features from your phone on the screen in your car.

Boot space on the original is 362 litres but it shrinks slightly on the X to 356 litres, which is still enough for some large suitcases or the family dog. Both have handy foldable rear seats to cram in even larger loads.

What's it like to drive?

“The Mokka X is a good car to drive with great visibility of the road.”

It’s great for town driving as it has a slightly higher driving position than in a normal hatchback.
The engines deliver a decent drive with good economy. The diesel engine offers the greatest fuel figures, but it’s best to go for the 1.4-litre petrols which are smoother to drive, economical and much quieter.
The turbo version gives the best drive. There’s a slight hesitation when pulling away at times but it’s the pick of the bunch overall. Automatics are relatively smooth and  better to live with in built up areas.

The four-wheel drive versions provide extra grip if you need it and are a good option if you live in the countryside. It’s useful as it alters the amount of power that goes into the front or back wheels depending on the terrain conditions. Another benefit is that the car reverts to being two-wheel drive if you don’t need four-wheel drive, which is more economical.

Is it cost-efficient to buy and run?

“Medium specification models are great value and running costs are good across the range.”

The original Mokka was generally a very good car but, if you can, it could be worth stretching to the X model. You’ll have to pay slightly more but it has a much better interior and equipment. Prices are comparable with rivals such as the Skoda Yeti.
The diesels can return an impressive 72 mpg economy and you’ll still get low 40s from the petrol models, but they’re worth it for the quieter drive.

Servicing costs and parts are relatively cheap., while insurance and road tax costs are similar to rivals.

How reliable and safe is it?

“It offers good reliability and a five-star crash safety rating.”

The Mokka has a good reputation for reliability. Many of its parts are used across other Vauxhall models, which means they’re tried, tested and plentiful.

It also has a five-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP crash test which stayed in place when the Mokka X was introduced. There are plenty of airbags and electronic drivers’ aids, such as anti-lock brakes and stability control, which both work to prevent the car from skidding. It also has Isofix child seat anchors for extra peace of mind.

Which one is best for you?

Best for economy - 1.6 CDTi

Best for family - Active 1.4 Turbo

Best for fun - Active 1.4 Turbo 4x4

You don’t need to go for the high spec versions of the Mokka X or the Mokka, as even the base models have a great infotainment system that links to your smartphone for navigation.
If you’re likely to do more than the 12,000 average annual mileage, it’s worth looking for a diesel variant. The excellent 1.6 CDTi is more economical than the petrol cars. If you’re looking at a petrol, the 1.4-litre turbo will give you an exciting drive.