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The front exterior of a red Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti review

The Skoda Yeti has plenty of flexible, practical space and can squeeze through tight spots. It's also great to drive and inexpensive to run with low insurance, tax and fuel costs.


  • Great design offers an outdoor adventurer feel
  • A highly versatile interior
  • Excellent range of engines


  • Materials aren’t the best quality
  • Basic models lack modern features
  • It doesn't have as much safety tech as some competitors


“It’s a real family car that’s super practical with a unique look.”

The Skoda Yeti looks good with its raised ride height and off-roader styling which gives it a bit of attitude.

It’s also nice to drive, especially if you want to take the family and all their gear on a weekend away. The Yeti is available with all-wheel drive which means it can go anywhere. However, it’s just as at home in the countryside as it is in the city.
Practicality is a strong point. There’s a massive amount of boot space as well as Skoda’s versatile VarioFlex seating system which allows you to individually slide each back seat to give you more boot space. You can even remove the individual back seats from the car.

What's the interior like?

“Expect a great quality interior that promises excellent versatility.”

The dashboard is simple and well laid out with all the essential controls, as well as a clear instrument cluster with chrome rings around the dials.
There are some lower quality plastics but nothing that’s too noticeable. If you have the touchscreen infotainment system fitted, it’s easy to use and there are additional controls on the steering wheel.
The Yeti also offers great passenger space and practicality. The individual rear seats are particularly versatile as they can fold, slide, recline and tumble. You can even remove the middle one and push the other two towards the centre.

Standard boot space is 416 litres but if you slide the seats forward you can increase it to 510 litres. It’ll comfortably hold a few suitcases. If you want to further increase the boot space, you can take out all the seats for an almost van-like space with a massive 1,760 litres. The front passenger seat can also be folded forward for really long items, such as flat pack furniture.

What's it like to drive?

“The wide range of engines ensures you’ll find a model to suit your needs.”

The Yeti is comfortable for both short and long journeys and there’s a wide range of engine choices. There are three petrols including the excellent 1.4-litre turbo which is a great all-rounder that will transport the family and their luggage relatively easily.

There are also four diesels and they all tick the economy box especially if you like to go on adventures.
All models have a manual gearbox that’s easy to use, while the driving position is well set-up for maximum comfort.

If you’re going to do any driving off the beaten track, the Outdoor model is the one to go for. It has all-wheel drive and the design of the front and rear bumpers is better suited to tackling a mildly rough terrain.

Is it cost-efficient to buy and run?

“Its affordable without compromising on the fun factor.”

Affordability is always a key benefit of going with a Skoda and the Yeti is no exception. Most models are well equipped and all offer excellent value for money. You can find a decent one for the price of some smaller city cars.
Running costs are also superb, particularly when it comes to fuel economy with the 1.6-litre TDI delivering up to 61 mpg. Insurance and road tax costs are similar to the Mitsubishi ASX and the Nissan Qashqai, although you’ll pay extra for the more powerful 2.0 TDI versions.

How reliable and safe is it?

“Great reliability and safety makes it a good family choice.”

Skoda has an excellent reputation for reliability, coming second in the 2019 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study. The Yeti scores above average in many surveys with only a few issues being minor electrical ones.
Euro NCAP gave the Yeti a full five stars for its crash test safety and it’s very well equipped with lots of airbags and an electronic traction control system on all-wheel drive models.

Which one is best for you?

Best for economy - 1.6 TDI SE

Best for family - 1.4 TSI SE
Best for fun - 2.0 TDI SE Outdoor

Stick to the two-wheel drive standard version if you live in the city or a busy town, but go with the Outdoor spec if you’re planning on family adventures or want to hit the mountain bike trail. The 1.4-litre turbo is a superb engine and will suit most drivers, but the 2.0 TDI is the best choice if you travel long distances regularly.

Entry-level models are fairly basic which will be fine for most people but go for the S trim if you want a few extras. The SE is a good choice, particularly if you spend lots of time in town as it has useful parking sensors.

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