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The exterior of a gold Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo review

Ideal for long journeys, the Ford Mondeo offers a good combination of performance and economy. It’s comfortable to drive and has lots of space throughout making it a practical option.


  • Styling looks fresh
  • Practical interior space
  • Very comfortable on long journeys


  • Not easy to drive in town due to its size
  • It’s not as much fun to drive as previous generations
  • Some materials feel low quality


“The Ford Mondeo looks great and is very comfortable.”

The Ford Mondeo offers good performance and has a wide range of engines, so finding something to suit your lifestyle won’t be difficult.
It has loads of interior space and a superb level of equipment. The standard Sync 3 infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters all add to the high-end image. It also has an Aston Martin style grille which offers extra style and creates a sharp look.

Available as a hatchback, an estate and as a hybrid saloon, Ford also produced a premium luxury option with the Vignale spec.

What’s the interior like?

“It has lots of space but prioritises practicality over style.”

The interior is spacious and well equipped with an excellent layout. All the controls are easy to use and there are plenty of buttons on the steering wheel for added ease. The graphical instrument cluster (the information you see through the steering wheel) not only looks good, but it’s full of useful information.

The Mondeo is more about practicality than luxury. It’s super comfortable though, including the firm sports seats fitted to the ST-Line and other models.
Storage spaces are good and well thought out, so there will be a suitable spot to store all your everyday essentials. Boot space is 541 litres with a wide and low opening, making larger items easy to carry around. You’ll comfortably be able to fit in a number of large suitcases. It’s also worth checking if a car you’re interested in has a full-size spare tyre as this will reduce space further to 458 litres. If you need even more space, the estate is the better option.

What’s it like to drive?

“It’s very comfortable to drive and provides a good grip on corners.”

The Mondeo is a pretty big car, which means it can feel a little clunky in town. That said, the steering is light and some models will come with Ford’s Active Park Assist system. This allows the Mondeo to park itself into tight spaces.
The drive is more comfortable than fun, but the Mondeo handles bumps in the road with ease and provides a good level of grip in corners.

It’s best on longer journeys where the engines are most efficient. Diesels are the most popular and you’ll easily find one with the power and economy to suit you.

Manual gearboxes are the best option and are the most engaging, but the Powershift automatic will suit those who do high mileages.

Is it cost-efficient to buy and run?

“You should find lots of prices to suit your budget and the running costs are great.”

The Mondeo doesn’t depreciate too badly from new. There are plenty of used Mondeos with high-mileages as a lot of people use them for long journeys.

The 1.5 and 1.6 TDCi diesels are the most fuel-efficient returning up to 78 mpg, but the 1.5 EcoBoost petrol delivers the best balance of performance and economy.

Insurance costs are similar to its competitors, as is road tax, while servicing and parts costs are generally good at both Ford main dealers and the independents.

How reliable and safe is it?

“Great reliability and many used Mondeos will have lots of safety features.”

Ford has a good reputation for reliability in customer surveys and the Mondeo is no different with no major issues or recalls to report.
The Mondeo received a solid five stars from Euro NCAP. Although many of the safety systems were options when the car was new, it means you’re likely to find used versions with these systems fitted.

Which one is best for you?

Best for economy - 1.6 TDCi Zetec

Best for family - 1.5 TDCi Titanium Estate

Best for fun - 2.0 EcoBoost (240 hp) ST-Line

The 1.6 and 1.5 TDCi diesels are great choices for their all-round ability. If you want something that looks and feels a bit sportier, go for the ST-Line.

There are lots of trim levels and engine choices to choose from. The most popular is the Titanium which looks more stylish on the outside and has a great level of equipment. The Zetec trims are worth a look particularly if they have added options from new. You could also check the prices of the top-ranging Vignale.

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