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Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy Review

The Ford Galaxy is a large, seven-seat MPV that's incredibly practical, good to drive and excellent value for money. It's a brilliant family car.


  • Room for seven adults
  • Flexible seating layout
  • Great to drive


  • It’s a very big car
  • SUVs are more fashionable
  • Boot is small when all seats are used


“A fantastic family car that’s very practical and good to drive.”

The Ford Galaxy is a large, seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle, or MPV, that’s one of the most practical and comfortable family cars around. Its interior is spacious and has a seating layout that allows you to prioritise people, luggage or a mix of both. Big windows give you and your passengers a great view out, and the Galaxy is a very relaxing and comfortable car for both the driver and passengers. Petrol and diesel engines are available and all models come with climate control, sat nav and smartphone connectivity.

What's the interior like?

“Enough room for seven adults, a versatile layout and a panoramic view out.”

MPVs are also known as people carriers and the Galaxy is one of the best cars for carrying people. It has seven seats in three rows, all of which have enough room for an adult to be comfortable even on long journeys. And three child seats fit side-by-side across the second row, which is mounted quite high so lifting children into and out of the car is easy.
There isn’t much of a boot behind the third-row seats, but they fold into the boot floor when you don’t need them, creating more space than you’ll find in any estate and in most SUVs. So the Galaxy is a good option for when you need to carry a lot of stuff rather than a lot of people. Fold all five back seats down and a sofa will easily slot in. The back seats fold down individually so you can optimise the layout for your needs. The optional Family Pack includes electrically folding seats.

The interior is a nice place to spend a long journey, as well. The enormous windows let in a lot of light and give you and your passengers a panoramic view out. The dashboard and infotainment system are user-friendly. The whole interior has a well-made, premium feel too. All in all, few cars are better suited to large families.

What's it like to drive?

“Nimble, responsive and rather enjoyable.”

The Galaxy looks like it would feel big and cumbersome to drive, but it’s actually the opposite. It drives more like a family hatchback, feeling nimble, responsive and controlled. That makes it rather enjoyable and, more importantly, it gives your passengers a smooth ride, with not much lean through corners.

The Galaxy can’t fully disguise its size when driving in town or parking. But the big rear-view mirrors, parking sensors and cameras compensate. You soon get used to the size and it’s very easy to drive generally.

There are several petrol and diesel engines to choose from. The diesels’ greater pulling power means they’re better suited to the Galaxy’s size and weight. But all the engines give more than adequate acceleration. Automatic gearboxes and four-wheel drive are available with most engines. The more powerful models can tow 2000kg.

Is it cost-efficient to buy and run?

“Extremely good value compared to rivals.”

The Galaxy is a big car with lots of features that costs less than most rivals, so it’s very good value for money. Fuel economy varies widely between the engines that are available. According to official figures, petrol models give 34mpg to 38mpg and diesels give 44mpg to 52mpg. Road tax costs £130 to £490 per year, depending on the model. And insurance costs are reasonable.

How reliable and safe is it?

“Reliable and durable, even with very high mileage.”

Ford has a deserved reputation for making reliable, durable cars and the Galaxy is living up to that. It helps that many of its mechanical and electrical parts are shared with many other Ford models, which improves reliability and keeps the cost of fixing anything relatively low. Safety experts Euro NCAP awarded the Galaxy a full five-star safety rating.

Which one is best for you?

Best for emissions - Galaxy EcoBlue 150hp

Best for family - Galaxy Family Pack

Best for fun - Galaxy EcoBoost 240hp

All Galaxy models have two-zone climate control, sat nav, smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity. The eight-inch infotainment touchscreen looks good and is easy to use. High-spec models have features such as heated leather seats and a sunroof. The Family Pack is a desirable option fitted to some cars. Among its features are electrically folding back seats operated with buttons in the boot which makes changing the seat layout easier than with the standard manual seats.

The 150hp EcoBlue diesel produces the least CO2 emissions. Indeed, of all the engine options, it gives the best balance of performance and fuel economy. The rare, turbocharged 240hp EcoBoost petrol model is the fastest Galaxy, giving really rapid acceleration. But it uses a lot of fuel.

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