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Cazoo Hero Nick

Cazoo Heroes: meet Nick

Nick starts his morning with a cup of tea and ends it with a satisfied smile after a day of delivering Cazoo cars to customers. We caught up with Nick to find out more about being a Handover Specialist.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q: Hey Nick! So tell us, what's it like being a Cazoo Handover Specialist?

I’m based at Fulham Drop-off Centre and I always start my day there. So when I first come in, obviously I stick the kettle on. We’re then given details of our deliveries, so we have an idea of how our journey is going to be for the day.  We figure out arrival times, when to take breaks and any possible traffic diversions – stuff like that really!

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the emotions on a customer’s face when we deliver their car.

It starts from the delivery call we make 15 minutes before we arrive. We let them know we have a lovely car for them on the back of our transporter. When we open the van’s doors we can see how delighted they are. 

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Q: Nice! So what’s been your favourite handover so far? Is there a moment you won’t forget?

My favourite handover was when I delivered a yellow Mini to a lady who lived in South London. She was jumping up and down and clapping her hands as I parked outside her house. She repeatedly said, “Oh my gosh”. She explained to me that she was watching the Coronation Street Omnibus and when she saw our advert, she browsed on her mobile phone and a few clicks later, she bought a car.

It was just an amazing experience. She was absolutely flabbergasted by the whole ordering process.

Q: How does handing over a Cazoo car make you feel?

I feel satisfied. As I say to my colleagues, “I don't deliver cars, I deliver dreams!”.

Q: Can you describe what happens when you hand over a Cazoo car?

Sure. So before we unlock the transporter, we make sure we park in a safe and secure place as near to the customer's house as possible. I don't open the doors of the transporter until the customer is present because I think the whole unveiling and opening of the back doors is part of the big excitement. It's an experience.

We roll the car off while I explain that it has been fully sanitised and that it has PPE (personal protective equipment) inside, so please allow me to remove the PPE before you get in. I then walk around the car with the customer and go through all of our benefits, like the 90-day warranty and roadside assistance. I also mention that in the unlikely event you don't like your car, you've got seven days to return it – just give our Customer Support team a ring and they’ll take care of it for you. 

Q: Has being a Cazoo Handover Specialist taken you to any interesting places across the UK?

I went to a place called Sandwich in Kent – I didn't even know there was a town called Sandwich! When I saw the address I thought somebody was winding me up because it was around lunchtime, too. We're always learning about different towns and places in Britain.

Q: What makes being a Cazoo Handover Specialist so special?

It’s a very unique job. You’re probably delivering the customer’s second biggest purchase they're ever going to make in their lifetime. Knowing that you’re going to be important to that customer gives you a good feeling. My customers always call me by name, because when I ring them I'll say, “My name's Nick by the way. I'll see you shortly.” I try to make it very personal and special.

Q: It sounds like you care a lot about your job. So how do you prepare for the day?

I always listen to music on my way to work. I start the day feeling good and I make myself a cup of tea. Like I said before, I've already planned my journey and I know what to expect. I also sort out my playlist on my phone, so as soon as I get into the transporter, my playlist is on and I go about my day.

Q: Thanks for the chat, Nick! And lastly, what would you say to someone who’s thinking about buying a Cazoo car?

Absolutely without a shadow of doubt, do it. Several of my friends and family members have already purchased a car. I always highly recommend Cazoo!

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