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Cassandra customer support hero

Cazoo Heroes: meet Cassandra

Nothing's more important to us than happy customers. And we're lucky to have people like Cassandra who go above and beyond every day to create a seamless car-buying experience. We caught up with her to find out what makes working at Cazoo so special.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q: Hey Cassandra! How long have you been working at Cazoo?

A: I’ve been working here since the beginning of February 2020. I’m Canadian and I was working and living in Denmark before then.

Q: How does Cazoo differ from jobs you’ve had before?

A: The culture is very different from any place I’ve worked before, because everyone is so engaged with each other and with our goal as a business. During the Covid lockdown when we were all working from home I missed the office but we still managed as a team very successfully because of the culture we have here.

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Q: What do you love most about helping customers?

A: I love the success stories! When I hear customers talk about how happy they are with their car and how supported they felt during the purchase - that’s ultimately the goal.

Q: What has been your most rewarding experience with a customer?

A: There’s quite a few! The most rewarding experience was receiving flowers from a customer after helping them with a post delivery issue which occurred shortly after delivery. They were so grateful and surprised that I dealt with the situation immediately and with no fuss or extra cost.

The flowers were sent to Cazoo’s head office and were purchased from that vendor plants a tree in Africa for every bunch of flowers sold!

Q: What’s been your greatest customer-related achievement since working here?

A: There was one sad case where I felt proud to work in customer service. A woman had called up a month or so after her Cazoo car was delivered and asked if she could return it. She explained that her husband had bought the car because he had always wanted it and it was his dream car, but subsequently passed away. She explained that every time she looked out the window and saw the car it reminded her of how much he would have loved driving it, so wanted to return it. Typically we don’t accept returns beyond 14 days but we were able to make an exception and sent her flowers when the car was collected. She called up and was so thankful. It was a very proud moment.

Q: How do you want customers to feel during their experiences with Cazoo and after?

A: To trust in the brand and know that there is a great Customer Support Team here to look out for them. People sometimes don’t expect that there will be any aftercare, but I want them to know that we are there for them and want them to feel satisfied with their purchase every time they get in their car.

Q: What is the thing that most customers comment on or are surprised about with Cazoo?

A: People genuinely don’t expect that we’ll look after them as much as we do. Even when there are small issues we ensure that customers are covered, and sometimes they will literally be stunned and thrilled that we help as much as we do!

Q: Can you describe working at Cazoo in three words?

A: Fast-paced, challenging and rewarding!

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