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Top 10 electric cars with the longest range 2023

Which electric car can go farthest on a full charge? Here are the top 10 new electric cars with the longest battery ranges that you can buy right now.

Graham King Cazoo

By Graham King

Updated: 10 January 2023

Electric cars are developing rapidly and the battery range of electric cars is improving all the time. Many new electric cars can go well over 200 miles on a full charge and there are lots with a range of more than 300 miles.

But which are the real range monsters, capable of travelling from London to Land’s End – or even farther – when fully charged? Here, in reverse order, are the top 10 new electric cars with the longest range.

10. Skoda Enyaq iV 80 – 339 miles

The most affordable car on this list, the Skoda Enyaq iV 80 can be bought new for a smidgen over £40,000. It’s a brilliant family car, with a vast amount of space for five adults. It’s also one of the few electric cars with a boot big enough for two Alsatian-size dogs (although the Enyaq Coupe version isn’t quite so spacious).

The 77kWh battery in the ‘80’ model gives a range of up to 339 miles, according to official figures. The Enyaq is compatible with 150kW chargers, which can deliver an 80% recharge in around 30 minutes. Use a 50kW charger and that time increases to about an hour.

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9. Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor – 341 miles

The Polestar 2 looks great, has a very comfortable interior and gives you a relaxing driving experience. It’s also more practical than its main rival, the Tesla Model 3, because it has a hatchback boot lid, which lifts to reveal a large amount of space to stow luggage.

The Long Range Single Motor model has a 78kWh battery that can give a range of up to 341 miles, according to official figures. If you can find a 150kW charger, a charge from empty to 80% takes around 40 minutes. Expect that time to double when using a 50kW charger.

8. Tesla Model X Dual Motor – 348 miles

Tesla’s biggest SUV has a real ‘wow’ factor. Its ‘Falcon Wing’ back doors hinge upward from the roof, making the act of getting into and out of the car feel like an event. The interior and boot are the most spacious of any car on this list and you can even have a model with seven comfy, lounge-like chairs. It also feels great to drive and gives you seriously quick acceleration.

The four-wheel-drive Dual Motor model has a range of up to 348 miles, according to official figures. Tesla doesn’t quote figures for battery capacity or charging times, but you can expect a 10-80% recharge from one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations to take around 35 minutes.

7. BMW i4 eDrive40 Sport – 365 miles

Some electric cars look and feel very futuristic, which can be a bit intimidating if you’re used to more conventional models. The i4 is much more familiar because it’s the electric version of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. It feels very similar to a petrol or diesel car, which could make your switch to electric easier. It’s great to drive, feeling sportier than any other car on this list, and it has a spacious interior and comes very well equipped. It also boasts engine-like sounds created by Oscar-winning movie composer Hans Zimmer, which play through the sound system while you drive. But you can turn them off if you’re not a fan.

The eDrive 40 Sport is the most affordable i4 model, and gives you a range of up to 365 miles, according to official figures. It can cope with charging speeds up to 205Kw, so if you can find a super-fast charger, recharging the 84kWh battery from empty to 80% takes just 34 minutes; from a 50kW charger the same recharge takes 83 minutes.

6. Ford Mustang Mach-E RWD Extended Range – 372 miles

This family-friendly SUV shares its name and many styling details with Ford’s iconic Mustang sports car. It looks and feels sportier than any other big electric SUV (and plenty of petrol or diesel ones), which you might find really appealing. It also works very well as everyday family transport, thanks to generous space, a big boot and infotainment tech that’s as easy to use as a smartphone.

The rear-wheel-drive Extended Range model gives the longest range – up to 372 miles, according to official figures. A 10-80% recharge using a 150kW fast charger takes around 45 minutes or around 90 minutes from a 50kW charger.

5. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 374 miles

The Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable car and was the second-best-selling new car in the UK in 2021. It’s really easy to use, thanks to Tesla’s widespread network of Supercharger charging stations, and sat nav that tells you when and where is best to recharge during a journey. Every model gives you rapid acceleration and it’s more spacious than any equivalent petrol or diesel car, such as the BMW 3 Series.

As the name suggests, the Long Range model goes furthest, giving a range of up to 374 miles, according to official figures. Tesla doesn’t give the car’s battery capacity or recharging times, however, a 10-80% recharge should take around half an hour using a Supercharger. 

4. BMW iX xDrive50 Sport – 380 miles

BMW’s top-of-the-range electric car may look unusual, but it’s a very impressive piece of kit. It feels great to drive, comes packed with tech like 360-degree cameras that help make driving easier, is extremely comfortable and is beautifully made. It’s not quite as spacious as you might expect for such a big car, but there’s still generous room for four adults. 

The xDrive50 Sport model is the midpoint in the iX lineup. It has a huge 111kWh battery that gives a range of up to 380 miles, according to official figures – about what you’d get from a full tank of fuel in an equivalent petrol SUV. Find a 200kW charging point and a 10-80% recharge will take around 40 minutes; expect it to take at least twice as long when using the more common 50kW chargers.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQE – 384 miles

EQ is the name that Mercedes-Benz has given to its range of new pure-electric models and the EQE sits somewhere in the middle. It's a large, upmarket saloon similar in size to the E-Class but with a much more unconventional design – the low, smooth shape is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and help you get the maximum range out of a full charge.

The EQS is a roomy, comfortable and well-equipped option that'll go farther on a full charge than most other EVs. But not every Mercedes-Benz EQ model. More on that in a moment...

2. Tesla Model S Dual Motor – 405 miles

The Model S was the first long-range electric car and it’s still near the top of the tree a decade after it was first sold. Its looks haven’t changed much since but it has been updated many times with Tesla’s latest battery, infotainment and cruise control tech. A brilliant voice-control system makes using the on-board tech very easy and there’s a vast amount of passenger and boot space.

The four-wheel-drive Dual Motor model (it has two electric motors, one each for the front and back wheels) can give a range of up to 405 miles, according to official figures. In theory, that’s enough to drive from London to Edinburgh. Tesla doesn’t quote charging times but a 10-80% boost should take around 30 minutes using a Tesla Supercharger.

1. Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ – 453 miles

If you ever need to drive from, say, Nottingham to Paris, this could be the electric car in which to do it. The EQS would be an excellent choice for doing a journey that long – or any journey for that matter. It’s extremely comfortable, has space for four adults, a big boot and gives a very relaxing driving experience.

The 450+ model gets its 453-mile range from the biggest battery fitted to any electric car currently on sale in the UK, with a whopping 120kWh capacity. A 10-80% recharge from a 200kW fast charger takes half an hour. Allow 60-90 minutes for the same recharge using a 50kW charger.

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