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Cazoo customer story Seb

Customer stories: meet Seb

Seb decided to try something new and buy his next car entirely online from Cazoo. When his Audi Q2 arrived at his door, he was over the moon with the speedy delivery and all of the car’s handy gadgets. We caught up with Seb to find out more.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Published: 8th July

Hi Seb, it’s great to chat! How easy was it to buy your car from Cazoo?

Super easy. Especially for someone like me who doesn't really know that much about cars, it was hassle-free and easy. It’s like going online to do your food shopping.

What are you enjoying most about your car – does it have any nice touches?

It’s an Audi Q2. I've not had an automatic car before, but it's so much easier to drive. It practically drives itself. In addition to that, it's got loads of little cool gadgets that make the driving experience much smoother. It's great!

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What was your reaction when you saw your car for the first time?

I was just like, wow, I’ve got it, it’s here! I chose home delivery and there was no waiting around – it arrived quickly.

Nice! And how was the handover? I bet it was exciting.

Yes, it was and it was really quick. The Handover Specialist was very helpful and friendly. He clearly explained all of the car’s main features, which saved me loads of time having to go through the handbooks, and he showed me how to work all of the tech.

The Customer Support Team was amazing, too. When I first looked at the car online, I went to purchase it and it was gone. I contacted Cazoo to find out more and they advised that it could be unavailable due to someone just checking out the finance on it. They said to check back in 24 hours. So, I kept refreshing the page – and it became available again! I swooped in and got it. 

It was meant to be! Was there anything about Cazoo that surprised you?

Well, I did a bit of research online and everything I read was really positive. It was a great experience. The whole process from start to end was simple and easy – much better than going down to a showroom or garage, where you sometimes have pushy sales people. Like I said before, it’s literally like going to Tesco to buy groceries.

I found all the information I needed on the website, it was so helpful. Especially the 360-degree photos where you can view the car inside and out.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking about buying a Cazoo car?

I’ve been raving about the process to all my friends and family. I tell them don’t worry about it – it’s the future!

How would you describe your experience with Cazoo in three words?

Convenient, easy and simple. It’s the new way to buy a car.

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