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Cazoo customers Janet and Rachel happy after a delivery

Customer stories: meet Rachel & Janet

Good news spreads fast! Find out what inspired this mother and daughter to treat themselves to a Cazoo car each.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Janet from Cambridge enjoyed her experience with us so much that her daughter Rachel soon had a Cazoo car delivered too. We caught up with the mother-daughter duo to hear their thoughts.

Q: Hi Rachel and Janet! Thanks so much for catching up with us! Could you tell us a little bit about your past experiences of buying a used car?

A: Janet: In the past we’ve always gone to our local garages which is where we’d been looking to replace our old Ford Kuga.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted something to tow the horse box but they insisted on showing me cars that I wasn’t interested in.There are always so many extra add-ons and the salespeople confuse you with so many questions.

After feeling quite exasperated I looked online and found the Cazoo website. I immediately found the car that I liked and then bought it all online. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

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Q: How did you feel about buying a car online?

A: Janet: I was a bit hesitant, but all Cazoo’s guarantees made me feel confident. It was all so convenient with no pressure and nobody over my shoulder. The RAC guarantee* and the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee were really important for me. And I’m so happy I trusted you as the service I received was absolutely superb.

Rachel: When mum and dad told me they bought a car online without looking at it before, I was shocked. But then their car arrived in such good condition and the delivery process was so seamless that I decided to use Cazoo to buy a car myself. Aside from my mother’s glowing feedback it was also the Trustpilot reviews (which are very reputable) which gave me confidence that lots of people had also had great experiences. Trustpilot is such a reliable source for honest customer reviews and I really trust what people say on there.

Q: How did you find using the website?

A: Rachel: I knew that I wanted a Fiat 500 but I also browsed a lot and I have to say that the search function is absolutely excellent. I had my eye on the Fiat for a while and used the search function to find it each time and it was very easy to find amongst all the other cars on the website.

On the car’s individual pages you highlight any tiny little marks and I am so glad you do because I appreciated that level of honesty, but when the car arrived I couldn’t see any of the tiny marks. And that was such a great surprise! The condition the car was in when it arrived was impeccable.

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Q: Did either of you part exchange your cars?

A: Rachel: I did and the part exchange was a really good experience. When I had gone to the dealership they had suggested an initial price but then haggled to try and get it as cheap as possible. Cazoo offered a price and the Handover Specialist looked it over when he dropped my Fiat off. The process of the online quote and then the valuation in person was seamless. I also loved that car so it was good to know it was going to a good place!

Q: Did you feel supported before you received your car?

A: Janet: I was so impressed with all the communication I received. As soon as I pressed the button to buy the car the emails and the general care was fantastic. I felt really reassured throughout the whole process.

Rachel: I would never normally think about paying that much online but the fact that you started reassuring me with communications straight away made me feel very confident with my decision. It wasn’t constant communication but it was enough to get a good balance. I remember being so excited when I got emails saying ‘only two days to go until your car is delivered.’ I felt like Cazoo were coming on the car-buying journey with me and nothing was too much for the Customer Support team to help me with.

Q: Did you enjoy the car handover experience?

A: Janet: My handover was excellent - outstanding! I felt like I was getting a brand new car. It was spotless when it arrived and the Handover Specialist took such great care to make sure that I was familiar with every last bit of the car and was confident to drive it. They were so polite and kind - and my driver was keen to make my delivery as exciting as possible!

Rachel: The delivery itself was so exciting! It felt like an unboxing with the Handover Specialist arriving in the special transporter and then unloading the car! We also have horses so it felt a bit like a new horse had arrived and was being brought off the lorry.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about Cazoo?

A: Rachel: I didn’t expect it to be so good and so easy! The surprise was how easy it was, but also the level of customer service. The whole process was exciting which is not what I would have expected from buying a used car. I have recommended Cazoo to my friends already because there is so little that can go wrong with all the guarantees and the customer service.

Janet: It was like organising a grocery delivery. Really simple and straightforward. In the past we’ve always gone back to the same garage to upgrade our family car. And even though we know what we want, it’s still so time-consuming and stressful. So I told my husband that the next time we need to upgrade that car we’re going to use Cazoo. And that’s what I’d say to anyone looking to buy a used car - just use Cazoo!

Q: Could you describe Cazoo in 3 words?

Rachel: Simple, convenient and amazing! I’m trying to capture that feeling of excitement - with the condition that the car was in and all the comms - it was so exciting.

There are lots of used cars to choose from at Cazoo. Simply use the search function to find one you love then buy or finance it online. You can choose to have it delivered to your door, or you can collect it from your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre.

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*If you’ll be using your car for services or transport in exchange for payment, we’re unable to include the RAC roadside assistance.

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