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Cazoo customer May

Customer stories: meet May

We caught up with May, a junior doctor in London, to hear all about her experience with Cazoo and her new companion, Bob, the Toyota Aygo!

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q: How did you hear about Cazoo?

I was looking to buy a car when I started my new job as a junior doctor in Basildon Hospital. I was looking online at all of the local dealers and my friend told me that his friend had just bought a car from this company that delivered it straight to his door - and it was Cazoo!

Q: Have you bought a used car before?

I named my car Bob and he’s my first proper car.

When I looked at Cazoo everything seemed really easy; the price you see is the price you pay and the car is delivered straight to your door! Because my job is so demanding I was so relieved that I could relax and let you guys do the work for me.

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Q: How did you feel about buying a used car online?

Pre-Cazoo I would have been extremely worried about buying a used car online, because I would worry that faults or imperfections would be hidden and when the car arrived I’d get a nasty surprise.

I checked Trustpilot and read a load of reviews and they all seemed really positive. Other people’s feedback made me feel really confident, as well as the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Knowing that I could return the car for free in the first week if it didn’t suit me and get a full refund made me feel like I could trust the company. It meant that I had a lot of time to drive the car and make sure it was absolutely right for me and if there’s something I was confused about I could ask the Customer Support Team about it or send it back.

Q: What was important for you when looking for a car online?

I wanted a car that was affordable, easy to drive and with low mileage. Bob had 11,000 miles so he was just what I wanted. I also liked all the guarantees that you list on your website. My partner suggested the Toyota Aygo so I came to the website with the vague idea that that’s what we wanted. It was really easy to find what I wanted on the website whilst checking out different options.

Q: How was the handover process?

Everyone I came into contact with was so nice and the handover process was very exciting and friendly. My Handover Specialist talked me through each feature of the car when he delivered it to my home. I took a while looking at everything and asking questions and he didn’t seem to mind one bit - he said that part of the service is making sure that each customer is happy with their car.

We had a bit of a problem as we bought the car on my partner’s credit card but he was away and the Handover Specialist told me that he needed to see the exact card to handover the car. However, the Handover Specialist was very understanding and we FaceTimed my partner and verified the card.
The second time the car was delivered they delivered it to my hospital because I was so busy. It was really funny seeing the Cazoo transporter arrive outside the hospital! They even paid for my train fare whilst the car was being fixed.

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Did you need to contact our Customer Support Team at all?

A few days after the car arrived warning lights started flashing on the dashboard so I called Cazoo and they completely sorted it out for me and paid for everything. They found a convenient garage close to me and got a driver to collect the car and drive it back to me when it was finished. A Customer Support member called Cassandra helped me out throughout this period and she was incredibly reassuring and helpful - nothing was too much to ask and I never felt like I was annoying her.

Q: What surprised you the most about Cazoo?

How keen you were to help me out at any point. Some of my friends said that once the 7 days were up you would ignore me and that would be that. But throughout the whole experience you were picking up the phone and calling to ask whether everything was okay, and helping out with any requests, no matter how small. It’s the best customer service I’ve ever had.

After the whole experience I wrote a review online about how I loved the way the air fresheners smelt and your team obviously saw that review as they then sent me four in the post which was so sweet. Amazing service, really.

Q: How would you describe Cazoo in three words?

Outstanding, friendly, and convenient.

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