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Cazoo Customer Hayley

Customer stories: meet Hayley

Buying your first car is a special moment, as well as a big decision! Hayley recently became the proud owner of a Cazoo car and we caught up with her to hear all about her first-time used car buying experience!

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q: Congratulations on passing your driving test and becoming the proud owner of a Cazoo car!

A: Thank you! I decided I wanted a car a couple of months ago. I browsed a lot and discussed it with various people. I knew the size of the car I wanted so I was looking at Audi A1s, VW Golfs and Ford Fiestas. I found it very easy to search for cars on the Cazoo website and use the filters to get an idea of the cars that would work for me.

Q: What were the main things you were looking for?

A: I wanted something easy to drive with boot space but that wasn’t too big. I wanted the car to have air conditioning and heating, and to have a nice display inside.

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Q: How has having a car changed your day-to-day life?

A: I have so much more freedom now I have my own car! I don’t have to ask my parents for lifts and I can see friends more. Evenif I just want to pop out to buy some lunch I can now, which is great. Knowing I can go anywhere whenever I want is such a game-changer. I love the independence it’s given me.

Q: How did you feel about buying a used car online?

A: I felt absolutely fine about it. I am part of a generation that is so used to buying everything online so it didn’t bother me at all, but there were a number of things that Cazoo offered that put me at ease. The 7-Day Money Back Guarantee gave me so much confidence, because I knew that if I had made the wrong decision I could send my car back for a full refund. But for my generation it’s second nature to buy things online, so I really wasn’t phased by buying my first car online - it seemed like a no-brainer!

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Q: How did you find our Customer Support Team?

My experience was so seamless that I didn’t have much interactions with Cazoo’s customer service. I definitely felt like they were there if I needed anything because of the follow up calls and emails. They made it clear what documents the Handover Specialist would need on the day but aside from that I didn’t really need anyone to hold my hand as it was pretty easy.

Q: How was your delivery experience?

Seeing the transporter arriving at my home was really exciting and my Handover Specialist was extremely friendly and helpful. She walked me through each aspect of the car and answered all my questions, and I felt that she was really committed to introducing me to the car.

I also loved how clean and shiny the car was when it arrived even though it had been raining that day, so I appreciated the extra effort that was put in to make it look good for the delivery. I had no idea what to expect and was almost expecting some anonymous person to drop the car off and then leave immediately, but it was not like that at all. It was really personalised and tailored to me specifically.

Q: Would you recommend Cazoo to anyone buying their first car?

Yes and I did so the other day. It was such a painless experience and I loved the car.

Q: Could you describe your experience with Cazoo in three words?

Seamless, personalised and thoughtful.

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