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Cazoo customer story Debi

Customer Stories: meet Debi

When Debi sold her Nissan Qashqai entirely online and had it picked up from her home, she didn’t expect the money to land in her account so quickly. Here’s what happened when she decided to sell her car the Cazoo way.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Published: 18 August 2022

Hey Debi! So, what made you want to sell your car to Cazoo?

They offered the best price!

And what did you enjoy most about selling your car?

Honestly, the whole process. It was just so straightforward and pain-free.

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Nice. How did you find the handover?

Cazoo came to collect my car and I just can't speak highly enough about it. The Handover Specialist was brilliant. He even rang me 15 minutes before he was due to arrive, which was great because I was still in bed!

When he arrived, I welcomed him into my porch and he had a look at the details on his iPad. Then he went outside and looked over the car, which was in extremely good condition, I have to say! It was all easy and straightforward.

That’s great to hear. What happened after?

The Handover Specialist arranged for the money to be transferred right away and before he left, the money was in my account. I was extremely pleased to see the money be paid into my account so quickly.

I’m sure that was a nice surprise. Can you tell me about the online car valuation?

It was straightforward. And the price I was offered online was exactly what I got paid for my car.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking about selling their car to Cazoo?

I've already recommended it many times. I did a comparison to see what other online companies were offering, and Cazoo came in with the top money.

How would you sum up your experience with Cazoo?

Well, because I was so impressed – absolutely fabulous.

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