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6 reasons why it's the best time to buy a used car online

Online shopping is more popular than ever. Now you can even buy a used car from the comfort of your couch.

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Think, for a second, about the device you're using to read this article. Within a couple of minutes, you can use it to buy pretty much anything in the world. A new coat, an old painting, a taxi into town or a flight to the other side of the world. In the age of online shopping, even the biggest purchases are easy and quick. Buying a used car online is just as convenient. But for anyone who still needs convincing, here are our top six reasons why you should buy your next used car online.

1. Enormous choice

Millions of used cars are bought and sold in the UK each year. Now, imagine limiting yourself to just the fifty-odd models available locally when it’s your turn to upgrade. Head online and you’ll get access to thousands of used cars, with something to suit your needs - and your budget.

2. Total convenience

If you’ve ever bought a used car the old-fashioned way, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be. Today you can do it all in one evening from the comfort of your sofa, browsing thousands of used cars on your phone or laptop without having to leave the house. High-quality pictures and 360-degree photography make browsing online just as good as checking the cars out in real life.

3. No pressure

Buying a car online means getting all the information you need, without any pressure or even an expectation to buy. Browsing at leisure - just as you do when shopping online for clothes or tech - gives you time to research and to make good decisions.

4. Easy payment

We do everything online. We can buy groceries in the kitchen and do our banking from bed. Buying a used car on finance is just as easy - there’s no paperwork ping-pong or long chats on the phone, just an instant response to a quick and easy form. You don’t have to leave the house.

5. Delivery to your door

Once you’ve researched, browsed, chosen and paid for a car from your couch, all you need to do is choose a delivery time. Because buying a used car online, at least from Cazoo, means you get the option of having it delivered to your doorstep a few days later. Our delivery service is on hand to bring the car to you, at a time that suits you and your family.

6. Return it if it doesn’t fit

Buying a used car from Cazoo means getting up to a week to return your car if it’s not right for you. You can do all the research and preparation in the world, but if the ‘perfect car’ arrives and your husband hates the colour, the dog refuses to jump in the boot and the cup holder won’t accommodate the extra large cappuccino that gets you out of bed on a Monday morning, you can hand it back and start again.

There are lots of used cars for sale at Cazoo. Simply use the search function to find one you love then buy or finance it online. You can choose to have it delivered to your door, or you can collect it from your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre.

We're constantly updating and adding to our stock. If you can't find the right one today, check back soon to see what's available or set up a stock alert to be the first to know when we have cars that match your needs.

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