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Looking for your perfect Cazoo car and have a question? This is where you’ll learn where Cazoo cars come from, where they’re located and more.

Popular questions about our cars

Before a Cazoo car appears on our website, it passes a thorough 150+ point inspection. Our highly qualified technicians check everything from the lights, windscreen wipers and radio to the sat nav, cooling system, engine, brakes and more. We also spend hundreds of pounds reconditioning each car. If we discover anything we don’t like, we fix it or we won’t sell it.

Our buying team purchase high-quality cars from a variety of sources, including auctions, dealerships, leasing companies and manufacturers. We also sell cars that have been part exchanged by our customers. Before we purchase a car, we thoroughly inspect it to make sure it meets our highest standards.

Our cars are safely stored at our Vehicle Preparation Centre. This is where we conduct our 150+ point inspection. These centres aren’t open to the public. Instead, you can discover a wide range of Cazoo cars on our website and either have a car delivered to your home or choose to collect it from a Customer Centre.

There’s no need. We offer a transparent and haggle-free experience.The prices listed for each car are our best prices and are as competitive as possible. The price you see is the price that you’ll pay for your car and there are no hidden fees or extra costs on top of your purchase.

To ensure we always give you the best price, we use data to calculate thousands of prices daily. We sometimes adjust them to remain competitive and to make sure our cars have a good price.

No, we don’t sell any cars that have been in a major accident or if they’ve been written off by an insurance company.

Some of our cars may have been privately owned or bought from a business. No matter where we sourced the car from, every Cazoo car is thoroughly inspected, fully reconditioned and valeted to the same high standard.

We’ll always show service history for cars that have it. Occasionally records are missing or not officially stamped, but it may still be possible for a new owner to get digital records from a local dealership.

There are also some cars that haven’t been serviced because they are less than a year old or under a certain mileage.

We don’t sell any cars which have outstanding finance due.

We carry out a provenance check on every car before it appears on our website. This ensures that our cars don’t have outstanding finance, haven't been reported stolen and haven't been written off by an insurance company.

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