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Sell my car with outstanding finance

Looking to sell your car with outstanding finance? If the valuation we give you is higher than the amount you still owe, you can sell your car to us.

How it works

  1. See how much you still owe

    Find out your settlement amount from your lender.

  2. Get a free car valuation

    Enter a few details and we'll email your valuation.

  3. Share a copy of your settlement letter

    Email us a photo or a digital copy before your handover.

  4. Book your car handover

    Drop you car off or we can pick it up, if you'd like.

3 steps to sell your financed car

1. An instant online valuation

2. Free drop-off or £149 pickup fee*

3. Instant payment on handover day

*Pickup only available for cars valued less than £25,000

Enter your registration number

In the next step, we’ll ask you to enter your car’s mileage for a quick estimate of your car’s value.

Selling your car before your finance agreement ends

You can sell your car to us if it has positive equity. This is when the amount of finance you have left to pay on your car is lower than its current valuation.

For example, if your car is worth £6,000 but your settlement amount is £4,000, you have £2,000 positive equity. This means when you’ve sold your car, you’ll have £2,000 in your pocket. Or you can use the money as a deposit towards your next car if you’d like.

If your outstanding finance is higher than your car’s valuation (negative equity) we’re currently unable to buy your car, but you can choose to part exchange it instead.

  1. No price chipping

    Just make sure the car you're selling matches the description you give us when we value it.

  2. Guaranteed for 7 days

    As long as you check out within 7 days and give us your car within 10 days of receiving your valuation.

  3. Instant payment

    Get paid as soon as you hand your car over to us. The money will be in your account instantly.

Pickup or drop off in as little as 48 hours

Drop your car off at your nearest Customer Centre for free or we can pick the car up from your door for £149. The pick-up fee will be deducted from the value of your car. We'll process the payment instantly and it will be in your account straight away at no extra cost.

Find out how you'll receive your payment

What we do & don’t buy

What you need to sell your car on finance

  • A valid V5C that matches your name, address and the number plates 

  • A valid photo driving licence or your passport

  • Evidence of your car’s service history

  • At least one car key

  • Any accessories or parts that came with the car

  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement, if you’re dropping your car off

You’ll also need to request a settlement letter from your finance lender and send a photo or upload of the letter to [email protected] before your handover.

If you’re missing any service history, let us know during the online valuation. You also need to be the owner (registered keeper) of the car you want to sell.

For more information, read our sell car terms and conditions.

We offer part exchange too

At Cazoo, you can part exchange your current car for a Cazoo one, even if your valuation is lower than the amount of finance you still owe.

Popular questions about selling your car on finance

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