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Will Cazoo always honour the offer price?

• Updated

The offer you see is the offer you’ll get and is guaranteed for 7 days from the day you get your valuation. 

However, we may have to revalue or reject the car if:

  • The car doesn't match the description you’ve given us

  • The car is in a different condition than you stated during the online valuation. Understand how we define our conditions.

  • The mileage isn’t within 500 miles of the figure you provided during the online valuation

  • You don’t have the right to sell the car or we identify an issue from our car history check

  • The car is on the list of vehicles we don’t buy. Learn more about the cars we will and won’t buy.

  • You haven’t checked out within 7 days or handed over your car within 10 days of receiving your valuation

If we need to revalue your car at handover, we’ll do it on the day and give you an updated offer that’s valid for a further 7 days. If you accept, we’ll take your car off your hands and pay you instantly. Please see our sell car terms and conditions for further information.

To see how much your car is worth, use our valuation calculator.