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What do I need to get a car valuation?

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To get a valuation, you’ll need the car’s vehicle registration number. No paperwork is needed!

Once you’ve entered your registration number, we’ll ask a few simple questions about your car and take some personal details. If you’re happy with the valuation, you can choose a date to hand your car over to one of our trusted dealers. They’ll then contact you to confirm your handover details and final offer.

When the dealer values your car, they'll consider a number of different factors such as:

  • Age and mileage - Newer cars and cars with a lower mileage retain more of their value.

  • Condition - Imperfections such as scratches, dents, wear and tear will reduce your car’s value.

  • Previous owners  - Cars with fewer previous owners are generally valued higher.

  • Service history  - A car with a full service history will retain more of its value than a car with a partial or missing one.

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