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How will I receive the payment for my car?

• Updated

During checkout, we'll ask you to give us permission to pay you through a direct bank transfer. 

You’ll need to log in to your online banking via our secure platform and select a personal account for us to pay into. 

We’re unable to pay into business accounts, credit cards or accounts based outside of the United Kingdom. 

You won’t need to supply payment details on the handover day as we’ll have them in advance. We don’t have access to or store any sensitive data, like passwords or bank details, and we’ll only be able to transfer payment into your account.

Once we’ve checked your car and your documents, we'll make the payment instantly and you’ll get paid as soon as you hand your car over. The £49 admin fee will automatically be deducted from your car’s valuation.

When you sell your car, you’ll need to give us permission to make a payment into your bank account. This is so we can provide a fast and secure payment via bank transfer on handover day. Without giving us permission, we’re unable to pay you.

We don’t have access to any sensitive data like your login details and passwords, and any personal data you provide will be kept securely by TrueLayer for the purpose of paying you and keeping a record of the transaction. 

We’re unable to make any transactions on your behalf and won’t be able to take money from your account. We’re only able to transfer payment into your bank account.

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