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How does the 90-day warranty work?

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If you’re buying or financing, your car will include our comprehensive 90-day warranty. Some cars will already have an outstanding manufacturer’s warranty which may have less than 90 days left. If this happens, we’ll apply our 90-day warranty to the car. 

What the 90-day warranty covers

With our free 90-day warranty, you’ll be covered for all mechanical and electrical parts unless listed in the exclusions, as well as keys, turbochargers, infotainment, timing belts and casings. 

You’ll also have access to a 90-day RAC roadside assistance for extra peace of mind. 

What isn’t covered

The 90-day warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear to parts that should be replaced regularly, for example tyres, fuel, filters, screen wash, coolant and oil. It also doesn’t cover any modifications that are added after the car’s been purchased.

You’ll need to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on keeping your car serviced. Any repairs or replacements needed as a result of not servicing won’t be covered. 

If your car suffers any accidental or deliberate damage, this won’t be covered.

A quick note

If you plan to use your car for races, rallies, track days or competitions, you won’t be covered by the 90-day warranty or RAC roadside assistance. 

The same applies if you’ll be using the car for ‘hire and reward’ purposes. This means that you’re using the car for services or transport in exchange for payment.

For a more extensive list of what isn’t covered, please see our terms and conditions.

If you have a breakdown

If your car breaks down, you can contact the RAC on 0800 246 808.

You’ll need to provide the RAC with:

  1. Your name or policy number and quote ‘CAZ1’.

  2. Identification such as a bank card or driving licence.

  3. The car’s make, model and registration number.

  4. The exact location of the car - the road you’re on or the nearest road junction.

  5. The number of the phone you’re using.

  6. The cause of the breakdown, if you know it.

  7. Your credit/debit card if you need additional services.

Their customer service number is 0330 100 3728.