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How does Extended Warranty work?

• Updated

Extended Warranty is there for when your free 90-day or manufacturer’s warranty runs out. You can extend your warranty at any point during the first 90 days. It covers you if something goes wrong with the mechanical or electrical parts of your car.

It also includes a free yearly maintenance inspection at the start of each year of cover and RAC roadside assistance across the UK, including at home or wherever your car is parked. 

Extended Warranty is provided in partnership with The Warranty Group Services, who are part of Assurant. 

Length of cover: 

You can extend your warranty for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. Just tell us the option that suits you best and we’ll do the rest! 

Number of claims: 

You can make an unlimited number of claims as soon as your cover starts, up to the value of your car when you purchased it. For example, if you bought your car for £20,000, you can make up to £20,000 worth of claims. This stays the same throughout the length of your cover and there's no minimum claim amount.

Free yearly inspections: 

The yearly maintenance inspection is a free check included with the Extended Warranty. 

It includes checking the operation of the clutch, brakes and steering, as well as the condition of the tyres, exhaust, suspension and more. Mechanical and electrical parts are covered, including keys, turbochargers, infotainment, timing belts and casings. For a full breakdown, read the ‘Maintenance Inspection Checklist’ in the terms and conditions

To qualify for the cover, the maintenance inspection must be completed every year of your plan. 

Warranty exclusions: 

There are some exceptions that aren’t covered. Please see Section 5 ‘What’s not covered by the Warranty’ of the terms and conditions for full details.  


You can only purchase Extended Warranty if your car is less than 8 years old and has less than 100,000 miles. 

If you’ll be using your car for services or transport in exchange for payment (which is also known as hire and reward), you won't be eligible for  Extended Warranty. This also applies to the free 90-day warranty if you're using your car for these purposes. 

For more information, read our terms and conditions.

Paying for Extended Warranty:

You can add Extended Warranty to your purchase at checkout and choose to pay monthly or with a one-off payment.

If you’re buying it outright, at the moment we’re only able to take payment using the same card that you used to purchase your Cazoo car.

If you’re paying for an aftercare product with monthly payments, you can use a different payment card. 

If you’ve already bought your Cazoo car, you’ll be able to purchase the extended warranty up until the day before your 90-day warranty expires.

If you’d like to purchase Extended Warranty, simply give us a call on 020 3901 3488 or visit a Cazoo Customer Centre and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’ve already bought Extended Warranty, your cover will start at the end of the free 90-day warranty that’s included with your Cazoo car or when your manufacturer’s warranty ends.