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Can I sell a car with insurance issues?

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Some dealers may accept cars categorised as non-runners or as A, B, S or N by the Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR). They may also buy a car declared SORN. This is when you register your car as ‘off the road’, meaning you no longer drive it on public roads. 

If you’re unsure what cars a dealer accepts, we suggest reaching out to them.

What are categories A, B, S and N?
These categories are how insurance providers define the different levels of accident damage to a vehicle. 

Category A: The vehicle has suffered extensive damage and is no longer safe to drive. 

Category B: The vehicle has had significant damage but some parts may be salvageable. It’s unsafe to drive but reclaimed parts can be used in roadworthy vehicles. 

Category S (formerly C): The vehicle has had some structural damage. Until the vehicle has been professionally repaired, it isn’t safe to drive.

Category N (formerly D): The damage to the vehicle is likely cosmetic or electrical and may not be safe to repair. The damage could affect the braking, steering or other safety-related parts, meaning the vehicle may not be safe to drive.

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