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We’re totally transparent so you know what to expect

With used cars, you should expect some general wear and tear relative to the car’s age and mileage. We do our best to fix any cosmetic imperfections and we always highlight anything that’s prominent in the car’s image gallery so you know exactly what to expect.

What we show in the gallery

There may be some additional wear and tear that isn’t always visible in the images and we may not be able to display and call out every imperfection on a car. 

Scratches on the wheels & alloys 

  • More than 25mm

All exterior panels (the doors, bumpers, boot, bonnet and boot lid)

  • Chips as small as 3mm that impact the surface paint
  • 5+ chips in a 4cm x 4cm area
  • Dents that are more than 1cm wide
  • Scratches that are longer than 2cm

 Interior fabrics 

  • Any scuffs, stains, discolouration larger than 2cm

Interior hard surfaces

  • Wear on interior surfaces that are visible from a metre away
  • Damage that’s at least 2cm


  • Chips more than 1cm long that are in the driver's eyeline
  • Visible scratches on the windscreen

What isn’t shown in the gallery

We don’t include photos of the normal wear and tear that you’d expect from a car based on its age, mileage and general day-to-day use. This means that minor stone chips, scratches, dents or interior marks may not be shown in the gallery. 

Scratches on the wheels & alloys

  • Less than 25mm

All exterior panels (the doors, bumpers, boot, bonnet and boot lid)

  • Chips less 3mm wide
  • Dents that are 1cm wide 
  • Scratches less than 2cm long

Interior fabrics & hard surfaces 

  • Scuffs, stains, discolouration and repaired upholstery that are less than 2cm 


  • Chips up to 1cm long that aren't in the driver's eyeline
  • Light scratches on the windscreen

High use areas 

  • Faint scuffing in areas like door sills, boot sill and the glove box lid less than 2cm

"...The pictures of the car were honest. When the car arrived I was pleasantly surprised as the marks pictured were hardly noticeable. So far the car is exactly as described and I'm really happy with the service."

F Wilson

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