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Charging made simple

The Easee One electric car charger

We've partnered with Easee to help you charge your electric car from home and on the go.

Compatible with all types of electric cars

The Easee One charger is a personal charging point for your electric or plug-in hybrid car.

Buy now with Easee
  1. Efficient charging

    Up to 10 times faster than a regular charging station.

  2. Charge from anywhere

    Access your charger wherever you are with the Easee app.

  3. Three-year warranty

    Comes as standard on every charger for extra peace of mind.

The eco-friendly charger that can be installed anywhere

All Easee One chargers:

  • Allow you to charge up to three cars at the same time

  • Have been safely designed for all weather conditions

  • Have a secure charging box that can be locked

  • Include temperature sensors that prevent heat build-up

Order your Easee One charger

A one-off payment of £949

The Easee One charger is smaller and lighter than other electric car chargers and can be set up for you in as little as two hours.

Popular questions about the Easee One charger

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